[INTERVIEW] “Heart-warming talk” with kind-hearted actor Joo Won

1Joo Won looks kind-hearted.

Actor Joo Won is recognised for his acting in playing kind-hearted character in dramas. He was like that when he played “Bridal Mask” and he was also like that in his latest drama “Good Doctor”. Even this time in movie “Catch Up”, he played the lead role, Lee Ho Tae, a nice guy who makes sacrifices for his first love.

Is it because of his placid and suave appearance or is it because he immersed with his actual personality in the character he played? When asking Joo Won, he opened his big eyes even wider. He said “I am really not the type who can get angry.”

Although he looks like a natural airhead, Joo Won is actually a wise actor. I found it more profound than I expected when talking with him.


Young man Joo Won became a “Good Actor” in 2013




Joo Won made his debut in musical “Altar Boys” in 2007 and this is his 6th year since debut.  It is not a short time but it is not a long time either.  By playing drama “Baker King” broadcast in 2010, his own existence had gradually been exuding and now instantly he is named as a “hot man” for playing his latest hit drama ”Good Doctor”.

“2013 was the most busiest year in my life.  I never thought I would have to pay so much tax (laugh).  From variety program, drama, movie, to musical…….I feel good.  It is difficult being lack of sleep but it has been an interesting year.”

Joo Won has been living his busy days to the extent that he doesn’t have time to sleep.  He had to do filming for both drama “Good Doctor” and movie  “Catch Me” concurrently.  During the day, he played a pediatrician Park Si On.  During the night, he played a smart profiler Lee Ho Tae.  Literally, he worked through all the way during this year.

“While playing drama “Level 7 Civil Servant”, I got interested in the genre of romance comedy.  At the same time, I received scripts of both “Good Doctor” and “Catch Me” and I like them so I decided to play both.  Actually, “Catch Me” is blended with mixture of many fantasy elements.  In real life, you can’t be so much in love like what you see in movie, right?  I guess there is a desire for substitute behaviour even in movie (laugh).”



Was he satisfied with his personal wish in this project?  In this movie, he acted competitively well with “Romance Comedy Queen” Kim Ah Joong.  In Kim Ah Joong’s interview, she said she was thankful to Joo Won “Because he looked at me with love, then my character was more accented.”

Joo Won said “In the movie, Kim Ah Joong is a kleptomanic woman.  In real life, if my girl friend is like that, I really don’t like her (laugh).  As an actress, Kim Ah Joong is lovely and nice.  I was always asked about our kiss scenes.  Of course, I was very nervous!  Because we had physical contacts! (laugh)”

Because he attended the interview with his positive attitude and everlasting smiley face, I just followed his way and I felt good.  He was the mood maker even in film set of “Catch Me”.  Even he is exhausted, he can still laugh,  I heard this could be his secret of being a “Good Actor”.

“I do frown but if I think whatever it is, it is going to get better, then there is nothing to worry about.  If I laugh first, PD will also laugh and others will also start to laugh.  Team work will become better.  When filming a drama, script is only available right before filming starts most of the time, occasionally I tend to frown.  However, I am still satisfied with that.  I reckon It would be good if I could find the fun out of it.   “Luck will come to the home of those who smiles”, right? (laugh)”


Kind-hearted Joo Won, the reason why he doesn’t get angry


The pleasant and positive Joo Won also has his own problems.  Because suddenly he became so popular, the way people looking at him has changed instantly.

“When meeting friends, occasionally there are people who never joined us before are present there.   Around me, I have many friends whose dream is to become an actor, so I give them advice.  But what they think is “So that’s how you gained popularity”.  Because of this, situation becomes very vague.   (English translator’s comment:  I guess he also means atmosphere becomes awkward).  I am not lonely but I become more cautious with what I say.  There are things which can make me angry but I still don’t get angry. (laugh)”


Joo Won laughed while saying he can see he is going to be busy as well in year 2014.  His face was serious even he kept talking while fumbling the cup in front of him.

“I always feel uneasy when things aren’t  going well one day.  Suddenly, I got the popularity……. I am still intending to follow the way as it is.   Like even up to now ..….I never have the greed,  while looking for interesting things, I always read scripts and want to do interesting projects. I want to become a happy actor.”


Source   Sports Seoul http://www.sportsseoul.jp/article/read.php?sa_idx=9404

Article released on 21 December 2013

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi in July 2014


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