Goodbye SAM : Fan Project by Joo Won Cuties


On this last day of GHOST, we marked 539 days of a long journey with Joo Won as he returned to his first love – the musical stage. Although we could not put in place a food project, we decided that we’d still want to show our appreciation to this man who worked tirelessly to give back to his fans the best way he can and to be true to himself.

539 days of shuttling between drama live shoots and auditions, between CF shoots, interviews, movie promotions, movie filming and GHOST performances. Only once did his body falter but never his spirit.

Although most of us cannot be there to give him a standing ovation, I know we have been applauding him with our hearts.

A  big “Thank you” to all who were with us in this journey especially those who posted updates, photos and shared their vivid fan accounts so that those who can’t go, can imagine the scenes and encounters with Joo Won and the lovely GHOST cast through them.

We would also like to thank everyone who sent in their letters, fanarts, cartoons and photos in this last project for GHOST. Some were touching, some inspirational, some funny and some simply beautiful. I hope Joo Won will see them soon and know that we love him and believe in him.













Collage3Collage4 Collage5 Collage6 Collage7 Collage812 13



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