GHOST Musical by farbarri Part 8 : The Plan (finale)


i don’t know if i should be happy or extremely sad. but Ghost will always remain in me as a happy memory.

My sincere apologies for writing this very late. I’ve actually written ¾ of this part months ago, but I can’t bring myself to complete this whole thing. The ‘sense of ending’ is very strong in me. I’m the type of person who feels sad at parting ways with someone who I chatted with for a mere couple of hours. So you can just imagine how sad it is for me to part with Ghost which I’ve loved since I was little, and loved even more since I found out Joowon will star in it.

This ending part constitutes some of the most hard-core technicalities of the whole production, failure of which is doomed for the casts. But it also contains the most touching and beautiful parts. There are very less pictures. Hope you can still enjoy~

*edited for better reading flow*

Part 8: The Plan

Sam kicks and pushes Willy away. The gun went off.

Sam yells “Oda Mae (OM), are you alright?” OM replies back “I’m fine!” her voice sounded distant as she managed to run away. Phew! That was close. Luckily OM managed to escape, thanks to Sam. Willy turns around to see who his attacker is, but he can’t see Sam. Angry, Willy yells “Come out! Come out! Come out, you bas$*&d!” Sam continues to taunt him, pushing Willy, punches, and kicks him around. He even kicks chairs aside to distract Willy, then punches him from another side.

Willy’s anger turned to fear. He ran out to the street. Sam follows, and continues to awesomely hit Willy. Willy yells in fear, and punches and kicks the air, but Sam was nowhere near him. Desperate, he calls out “Is there anyone here? Help me! Don’t come close! Don’t come near me! Help me! Someone help me!” Sam continues with his punches (Joowon’s way of punching someone looks really awesome!) until at one point, Willy just couldn’t take it anymore and he blindly runs to the traffic…

An approaching car’s headlight flashes to the audience, and the car honks loudly. The car screeches to a stop, followed by a crashing sound. Willy fell, but quickly gets back up again and looks around. There he was, his body hanging lifelessly on the car, blood dripping everywhere. He’s dead.

A crowd gathers and begins calling for help. Willy stares at his body, refusing to believe it. I would have pitied him if he wasn’t so evil, really. Everything grew dark but Willy. Slowly, red and black magical aura approaches. He backs off, all the while crying out “No… no… NO! Someone help me! Is there anyone here? HELP ME!!!” The red aura engulfs him. Willy’s cry of help grew louder as he was lifted into the air. He tries to fight off whatever forces that lifts him up, but to no avail. He was lifted higher and higher, backwards, until he disappears from view…

Lights turn on, showing us the death scene. Apparently, Oda Mae (OM) followed Willy too, for she is now watching his dead body from afar. Sam watches too, and stands by her side.

OM: Sam, is that person dead?
Sam: Yes.
OM: Oh, thank God. Now everything is over.
Sam: No, it is not over. There’s still Carl.
OM: Who the heck is Carl?
Sam: Oda Mae, we are still in danger.
OM: We are still in danger? But you’re already dead…

Sam tries to convince OM that things are still undone. He asks for her help to stop Carl’s plan and… to save Molly. At first OM seems reluctant, but Sam assures her that he has a plan and will guide her every step of the way and will not leave her out of his sight. He also promises that once this plan is done, he will leave her alone and not bother her anymore. “I promise.” OM hesitates “You really promise?” Sam replies firmly “Yes”.


Convinced, OM decides to help Sam. She asked him what should they do first, and ask Sam to tell her everything and she will just do anything he says. Sam first asks her to… find some nice dress. Bwahahahahahahahaha! Gosh, I love Sam. OM got upset that Sam thinks she didn’t dress nicely and snap at him “I’m always pretty~” to which Sam scoffs at. LOL!


Scene changes to Molly, holding Sam’s dry-cleaned shirt and looking out the window (audience). She begins singing Nothing Stops Another Day. I don’t fully understand the lyrics, but generally, the song is about moving on, and that she can’t dwell on her sadness regardless of how upset she is. She sings that she locked her heart away, that she has not seen sunrise for a few days, which indicates how dark her past few days are, and she’s finally seeing some bit of hope in life. Molly pauses her singing after the first chorus, and calls Carl.

Carl is anxiously waiting to know whether the transaction is successful or not, since the sum of money is very huge. He paces up and down his office, and when the phone rings, he quickly picks it up, answering “Mr.Ballister?” Molly answers back that it’s her, but Carl seems extremely frustrated. He told Molly that he’s waiting for a very important phone call, so Molly said she can call back later… But Carl said it’s ok to talk, and then suspiciously ask Molly why she’s calling. Carl must not have known that Willy is dead. Does he? I’m not sure. Molly told him good news about her work, and Carl congratulates her. Carl grows more agitated the longer he talks, so he apologized to Molly, promising to call back soon as he’s in the midst of something. They ended the call.


Carl’s office and Molly’s house settings were brought out of the stage. Molly stands in the middle of the stage and continues singing, with dancers behind her. I really love this song~ She pauses singing after second chorus and stands at the back of the stage, her back facing the audience.

Sam and Oda Mae walks to the centre, with Sam laughing. Joowon’s laugh is so freaking cute, really~ OM wears that hilarious purple dress with matching purple hat, shoes and purse. LMAO! Sam ‘compliments’ her and they bicker cutely for a while. But OM is obviously nervous of what they’re about to do, so she rumbles on and on and on… until Sam gentle stops her “whoa, whoa, whoa~” OM said she’s very nervous, but Sam assures her that all will be fine because they’ve made preparations. Sam also promises to be by her side, and OM smiles. Both left for their mission… OM goes to the left where Sam walks backwards to the right. He calls out to OM “OM, wrong direction~” and OM turns to follow his voice. So cute~ I ship this relationship so hard!!!

(Sorry, can’t find a better picture. This is from I’m Outta Here)

Molly goes to centre stage and belts out those high notes for her last singing part. As she made to leave the stage, bank settings were brought in. There are workers at the back, and a receptionist woman asks politely if she can be of any help. Sam guides OM in getting a signature card (??) for a new bank account. The receptionist asks for her account number and Sam told OM, and she informed the receptionist.

Sam: Under the name of Rita Miller.
OM: Who?
Receptionist: Huh?
Sam: Rita Miller… *through gritted teeth*
OM: My name is Rita Miller.

Seriously, this is killing me. I’m so nervous if OM makes any mistakes. Bear in mind that banks have the most tedious and one of the strictest places ever. They are every sharp to note if anything goes wrong, and once they suspect something is wrong, you are out of here. So you can understand my worry.


Anyway, the receptionist asks didn’t she sign already when she opens the account? Sam guides OM in answering that she opened the bank through Carl via phone call, and now Carl asked her to come over personally today to sign it. She hands over a piece of paper for OM to sign. OM borrows a ball-pen, stares at the paper and clears her throat meaningfully as a way of asking Sam what to do next. Sam tells her to sign at the bottom right hand side of the page and she signs her name. Sam looks around the office for a moment, then peeks over OM’s shoulder to see and yells out “NO! IT’S RITA MILLER, NOT ODA MAE!!!”

OM stutters at the receptionist that she must have gone crazy because she signed the wrong name. LOL! Sam’s expression is seriously amazing, I tell you. He’s just so nervous, more nervous than OM is. He can’t stop moving, pacing here and there. The receptionist gives OM a new paper, and this time she correctly signs it. Sam instructs OM to tell her that the paper must go up to the 3rd floor now because she needs to make a transaction. OM recalls the message but said “transfusion” instead. Bwahahahahahaha!

OM takes the pen, thanking the receptionist. She and Sam walked up to the third floor, all the while bickering LOUDLY about the ‘borrowed’ pen. Can they get any cuter? When they reach the 3rd floor, Sam shushes her, then whispers to her to say exactly as he says. She whispers back “Ok. But why are we whispering?” And Sam got pissed off that he scolds her loudly “Just do what I said!” I can’t stop laughing!


(sorry, blurred picture. cant find a good quality one. this is from Ghost photobook)

Sam told OM to say that she and the banker man met up at last Christmas party with his wife. OM recalls Sam’s words, but she forgot his wife’s name. Sam quickly said “Sherley!” and OM recalls it. She continues further describing the Christmas trees and presents… Sam goes over to poke her waists and she shrieks in shock. The man stares at her. Awkward, she said she has gas. LMAO! (If she elaborates further, she may say the wrong thing. So that’s why Sam stopped her from further talking)

The man realizes that yes, they must have met at Christmas, and invites her over to sit. They asked about each other’s family. Sam then guides her in asking the man about their business bid that Sam obviously knows about. He must have been a good acquaintance of this man previously. As OM chats with the banker, he seems more confident that he must have met OM before too, and recounts his business to her.

At one point, OM mistakenly describes someone as a man and Sam yells right in her ear “WOMAAAAANNNN!!!” and she yells at the man “WOMAN!” Both Sam and OM freeze in shock, afraid their cover is blown. The hilarious thing is the way Joowon stares at the banker with his mouth open so wide because he was so nervous! Other Sam actors just yell out “Woman!” and paces while staring at the banker. But Joowon’s reaction at this part is the best. But the banker just nods in agreement, and… problem solved. LMAO! A close call, there. OM said “A lady. You know, yeolo lady, yeolo lady~” And both her and the banker laughed. Double LOL!

Finally, he asked her what brought her to see him. She told him that she wants to close an account, and told him her account number.

OM: Is that right? (Mannya?) *sarcastically said to Sam*
Sam: Right. (Majayo) *through greeted teeth*
Banker: *stares awkwardly that she’s talking to herself*
OM: Nyanyanyonyo nyinyanyenyo~ *sings to cover up her mistake*

The banker types into his computer and turns to talk to OM.Banker: Rita? It is stated here that your current balance is 10 million dollars.
OM: 10 million dollars?!
Banker: Is that correct?
Sam: Say yes!!!
Banker: How would you want to take all the money?
OM: 10s and 20s note, please.
Sam: No! Say you would prefer a cash-cheque!!!

LOL! This must be soooo freaking weird from the banker’s point of view. One moment she’s talking nicely. Next moment, she’s yelling at him. The banker asked for her identification card, and she passed it to him, singing happily. He left to make copies/verify, saying he will be back with the cheque. Sam told OM that she did a great job, and now he has to leave for a while. OM panics, but Sam assures her that he will be back in a short while, and told her to relax. She sings that this is her most relaxed moment because she’s rich now.

Bank’s scene was brought out, and in comes Carl’s scene. Carl is sitting at his computer screen, noting that the account has already been closed. Uh-oh… He panics and checks to see who closes it, only to find out it is Rita Miller. He furiously types into his computer, sweating profusely. Sam spookily said in a voice-over that Carl is never going to find the money, and that those people are going to kill him. Suddenly, a book falls to the floor from the shelf behind. Carl looks at it suspiciously, picks it up and places it back on the shelf.


As he walks back to his desk, his opened briefcase suddenly shuts itself. He steps closer… and his chair moves in and out. His phone cradle lifts into the air and places itself back. Scared, Carl yells out “What the heck is going on?” His computer screen turns around to face the audience, and words type out ‘MURDERER’. Carl screams “WHO DID THIS? WHO IS DOING THIS??!!!!” and the computer types in an answer ‘SAM’.

Sam yelled curses at Carl, and punches him several times. He then pushes Carl to the shelf and lifts him up by his collar. Just as Carl is choking for breath, Sam releases him and he fell in a heap on the floor. Carl quickly gets back up as books upon books are showered on top of him. Carl takes a knife from his desk. He hurls it into thin air, yelling at Sam to step away from him. He warns Sam that if he didn’t get the money back, he will kill Molly. He will kill everyone in the whole building if he didn’t get the money back.


Carl’s office scene was brought out, and OM’s bank scene returns. Sam came back at the same time the banker steps in with paperwork, and OM’s cheque. The banker told her to sign one last document. Sam reminds her to sign ‘Rita Miller’ and while singing, OM sings “Rita Miller is my name. My name is Rita Miller!” The banker then passed over the cheque to her. Everyone and everything left the stage, only to leave Rita Miller singing I’m Outta Here.

There isn’t much meaning to I’m Outta Here. The visuals are pretty, the dancers are amazing, the vocals are outstanding. The song runs for nearly 5 minutes, and it is about how OM lands a lottery, and how lavish her life would be from now onwards. And also, this is a good chance for Sam to rest. He hasn’t sit for like, foreverrrr.

As the song approach the end, all dancers left the stage. Sam came in and sees OM dancing weirdly all on her own in the middle of the street. He laughs in embarrassment, and closes his eyes with his hands. So cute!

Sam calls OM a couple times to jolt her out of her imagination. She’s over the moon with happiness from the cheque in her hands now. Sam told her it’s time to get rid of the money, and OM said she should keep it safe where no one else can take it, and made to put it inside her lingerie. LOL! Sam told her no, she should give that money to somebody else who really needs it, and points to two nuns at the back, collecting donations for church/school.

OM refuses point black to give the money, but Sam said Carl can easily trace the money if she spends it. The money is not hers. Sam reminds her that he was killed for that money, and he doesn’t want the same to happen to anyone else. She should donate to that charity where it will remain anonymous and no one will remember she donated it.
Slooooowly she walks over to the nuns, and they sweetly asked her for donation. OM said she wants to look at the cheque one last time, and stare at it. Sam presses OM to do it quickly as Carl knows all that’s going on and will be going to Molly right now, so they should get to her before he does.


Finally, OM hands over the cheque, but requires two yelling from Sam to finally let go. LOL! They’re really cute together. Sam praises her bravery, and tells her that he’s her friend. OM sulks and said “Friends don’t let the other friend donate 10 million dollars!” and both of them left to Molly’s house.

The nun takes one look at the cheque, cursed, and fainted. LOL! The other nun fans her with their huge board. Lights and settings change to Molly’s house.

Molly was carving her sculpture when OM bangs on her door. OM yells from the doorway that she is with Sam. She tells Molly that their lives now are in danger, so please open the door so they can talk. Remembering how the police called OM a fraud, Molly tells OM to leave. Refusing to leave, OM wastes no time in yelling through the door that Carl is behind all this. She launches into explanation on what Carl had done, how he had planned the whole thing. Molly angrily retorts back that Carl would never do such things. She threatens to call the police on OM, then flops on the sofa, covering her face in her hands.

Sam enters the room. Audience can’t see Sam at this moment, but the twinkling lights indicate some sort of magical thing is going on. Sam told OM to tell Molly that he’s in the house, and that the earrings were the ones he got her for Christmas. OM recounts Sam’s words through the doorway. Sam and OM continues to recount more private moments and items of them together. And slowly, we can see Molly’s expression change. Seriously, there is no way for OM to know all these things if Sam is not there with her…

Sam/OM told Molly that he will read the letter (from Scene 1 after Sam’s death). Molly went over to the letterbox by the door, and takes out her letter. Sam reads out, followed by OM. My eyes start to sweat so much at this point… I’m not crying… As OM reads out sentence by sentence, Molly starts to cry. Once the short letter ends, the letter folds itself in Molly’s hands. She gasps “Sam, you really are here…”, wipes her tears, and rushes to open the door.

OM enters wearing a long black coat and a sympathetic expression. Sam told OM to lock the door, and she obliges. Molly sits down on the sofa, while OM looks on sympathetically and conveys Sam’s message that he’s next to her. OM then sighs as Molly cries that she misses Sam, takes off her hat and fake brown hair, then tells Sam to go in her body. Sam was like “What? Are you sure?” and OM urges him to do it before she changes her mind. Gosh, I love OM~

The blue magical light comes on again, and we hear a whooshing sound as OM opens her arms wide, then hugs her arms around her body. Everything grew quiet. Molly stares at OM and she looks around. Her voice calls out “Molly…” in Sam’s voice. OMG! Sam is in OM’s body… Sweats are pouring out from my eyes now…

Molly stands and ever so slowly walks over to OM/Sam. OM/Sam held up his hand as if asking for a high-5, just like how they always do. Molly places her palm upon OM/Sam’s hand, and both grab each other and start circling around in a slow dance while the Unchained Melody music starts playing. They dance and dance because both know this is their last dance together… *cries* As the music reaches its peak, a blinding flash of white light came on which forces audience to close their eyes and next thing we know, Molly is dancing with Sam/Joowon. THIS IS THE MOST B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L SCENE EVER…

Maybe it’s the meaningful last dance, or the way they hug each other, or how we know that Sam/Joowon dance with Molly is happening in Molly’s mind (because Molly is actually dancing with OM), and the dreadful separation we know will come… I’m sure everyone knows how this person-change scene works, but the emotion builds up since the start up to this moment is just… It’s a really simple but beautiful scene~

So both of them dance and dance~ I wish it could go on forever. These two had so much going on between them and to have it taken away in the blink of an eye. *sigh* After a while, both stops dancing and just stand with their arms around each other. Sam begins the last round of Unchained Melody, and Molly joins in:

BAM! BAM! BAM! comes the knocking on the door. Sam instantly jumps out from OM’s body. OM clutches a hand to her heart to compose herself, but Sam was badly affected. He rolls over and over on the floor, unable to even sit up, groaning in pain. Extremely realistic acting from Joowon at this point.

Carl’s voice gets through the door, telling Molly to open it. Both OM and Molly freezes, scared out of their skin. Sam yells at Carl to leave, but of course only OM hears it. OM asks Sam for help, then the door burst open. Carl rushes in with a gun, looks around, and puts two and two together. He makes out that OM is the fraud who takes his money, and points the gun to her. OM said that she didn’t know what he’s talking about, and he starts yelling at her. Molly tries to talk to Carl but he’s obviously lost control. He yells at Molly to shut it, and threatens to kill OM if she didn’t return his money.

Sam finally managed to get up and runs at Carl, forcing the gun away from the women. The gun went off though it didn’t hit anyone. Sam disappears. Molly tries to run over to OM, but Carl grabs her and points the gun to her now. He yells at Sam to return his money or he’s going to kill Molly. Molly whimpers in fright. Sam remains quiet and Carl grew more desperate. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Sam runs out and pushes Carl away, and Molly runs as far away from Carl.

Sam fell back to the floor, groaning in pain from his body-change earlier on. This time, OM grabs Carl and tries to pull the gun away. Both struggles for a while until they reach the sofa, then… BAM! The gun went off. Molly screams “Oda Mae!!!” OM rolls over on to the sofa and fell to the floor, leaving her black cloak on the sofa. Carl quickly gets up and runs to the side of the sofa. OMG…

But OM gets up. Wait… then…

OM removed the cloak and it was Carl who was slumped on the sofa, not breathing. Molly rushes to him crying out “Carl.. Carl!” and shakes his lifeless body. She then covered him, and cries in OM’s arms.

Carl looks around at his body, steps back, and sees Sam staring back at him in shock. He called out “Sam?” and Sam replied “Carl…” Carl shakes his head in disbelief and went over to the door to pry it open. Whoosh! Whoosh! He cries out “No… no, no, no… Sam, what do I do now? Help me…”

The black and red death aura approaches Carl. Suddenly he was lifted into the air. Carl calls out to Sam to help him, and Sam rushes over to try and pull him away from the death aura. Aww, even after what Carl did to him, Sam still tried to help Carl. But Sam was no match for death, and Carl was taken away, yelling at the top of his lungs. Sam disappeared again.

In voice-over, we heard Sam.
Sam: Are both of you alright?
OM: Yes.
Molly: Sam..? Is that really you?
Sam: Molly…

OM breaks free from hugging Molly and steps aside. Molly remains sitting on the floor, facing back stage. Sam’s silhouette appears at the back.
Molly: I can see you!
Sam: Molly, I have to go now.
OM: Sam, they’re all waiting for you.
Sam: I know, Oda Mae. I will miss you. I will tell your mother that you are living well.
OM: I will miss you too. You are really… cool~

Sam turns to Molly, giving her his utmost full attention. He walks to her slowly, savouring every moment, every step that he can, for he knows it will be the last. He starts singing Three Little Words.

I say it with my eyes
I say it with my touch
I say it with my heart
I love you

Sam: I love you, Molly. I have always loved you, and I always will.
Molly: Ditto~

Sam and Molly kiss, under beautiful settings. It was the lightest of kiss, but one with a deep impact. Sam gets up and walks to the back. Molly remains sitting on the floor, but she sort of rises halfway from a sitting-standing position. With a wave of his hand, Sam was gone. Molly fell back sitting on the floor, dejected that he really left. OM comes rushing to give her a hug.


Suddenly Sam appears again at the back of the stage.
Sam: Molly… Isn’t it amazing? That love in you, take it with you. See you.
Molly: See you.


And with those final words, Sam turns and walks back. His silhouette was replaced with lights as he walks into nothingness…..



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