Joo Won, An Actor With Very Good “Multi” Physical Conditions


“I am fine!”  Actor Joo Won always says “I am fine” digesting his never ending schedules without a break.  Doing drama, movie and then musical, then movie and drama on a very strict schedule, he is a happy young man always working really like a cow  with no time left for breaks.  Musical “Ghost”, the seven-month-long big expedition will be finishing soon,  I went to meet Joo Won on the 7th of this month.

Last year, I met Joo Won for an interview of his movie “Catch Me” and he was encouraged with anticipation towards musical “Ghost” of which its premiere performance would start on 24 November.   He quitted his favourite Americano and all other stuffs which are no good to his throat. Immediately after finishing filming of “Good Doctor”, he went straight to practice musical which he has not performed for long time.   At that time after “Good Doctor” striking a whirlwind popularity following by the release of movie “Catch Me” which he led first time in his time and then blending himself with all schedule of stage performances of musical “Ghost”, Joo Won effused energy instead exhaustion. What Joo Won said still keeps deep in my memory “I feel very happy standing on the stage after a long time. Recently I have been busy with this and that but that feelings that I stand on stage, I feel the joy that I don’t even know how hard it is.”

It can be seen the joy that he feels by performing on stage will be finishing soon. On the 29th, with the wrapping up of “Ghost”, Joo Won has been continuously performing for days and makes the birth of “Sam”. Joo Won together with other famous musical stars Kim Jun Hyun, Kim Woo Hyun were triple cast to play the male lead Sam in “Ghost”. Before his debut drama “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, his name had earned a good reputation as an actor when performing other musicals. His performance is not only loved by his fans but he also receives much love from musical fans. While doing “Ghost”, he had already finished filming movie “Fashion King”. Even he is currently running on hectic schedules on filming a Chinese movie “Xiao Yu Qiao Mu, Ya Wang Heaven”, he never fails to do his stage performance. Performance contract is a mere contract but at one stage even when he was contracted with a serious influenza and was continuously sick for days, he still kept his promise with audiences and forced himself to perform and sing with his bad throat.   He could have left it to others performing for him just one day so that he could take rest but he voiced out with his habitual saying “I am fine!”, then he went and performed on stage. It was revealed from parties concerned that his passion had particularly moved audiences who came to see his performance.

“He is indeed a Gaksital-like actor!” Joo Won completely turns into the protagonist Sam and acts in all possible ways within that 180 minutes. Because the story setting is about Sam who became a soul after his death, there are many amazing action scenes which he has to use his body. His lively and vibrant movements are showcased and reality can be felt on the small stage   Thinking about this, these action scenes would be the experiences he gained from drama “Gaksital” and I have a feeling that it helps with this role.

Not only that, Ivy who plays the female lead Molly explodes her sexiness even she is acting out as a painful lover. Before his death, their sweet love relationship makes female fans so jealous. But after he became a soul,

he also makes them tear for his ardent feelings for protecting the woman that he loved. Joo Won’s acting is growing speedily through his experiences gained from dramas and movies. With his original singing capability coupling with his colourful emotional acting, I feel like God could have heard it.

I reckon Joo Won is one of the best actors amongst his peers for achieving viewer ratings.   He accomplished big box office for his appearance in dramas “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”, “Ojakgyo Brothers”, “7th Grade Civil Servant”, “Good Doctor. Not only does he receive love from TV viewers, he also has explosive influence on musical stage even he is still lacking. As a project, “Ghost” is taken favourably as the best proof of his multi-talented skills and box office power.

Joo Won is currently filming a Chinese movie while performing the last stage of “Ghost”, filming of KBS drama “Nodame Cantabile The Finale” to be aired in October is just around the corner.   We can only see reliably how Joo Won makes his progress with his habitual saying “I am busy, I am busy but I am fine.”

Reported by Yoon Ga Yi of OSEN


Japanese translation by mjw0930

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi

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