GHOST Fan Project 11th May 2014

For months, we were seeking an opportunity to do a food project for Joo Won especially after we ended with a surplus from 2013.However, being the busy man that our Cutie is, it was very difficult to get a date. There a few hopefuls but nothing came about until we got this precious chance.

First, I want to thank all our contributors for the previous project. From the vote last year, we had gotten the consensus to put the funds into the next project which we duly used here. As previously mentioned, this is a joint collaboration with Joo Won Thailand Fan Club. They have graciously invited us to join them in this food project to make it possible. Together, we presented lunch to Joo Won and the cast/crew of GHOST with food catered from Snow Flower.



As you can see from the pictures, the food bears both our FC’s stickers. In addition, we presented each of them a gift. The Thai fans gave those beautiful colorful scarves. And for us, we have specially ordered personalized foldable tote bags to commemorate GHOST the Musical with a special message – “We Believe In You”.

And that’s not all, we also gave a special gift to Joo Won. We wanted something which many people can participate in. So, we came up with the idea of a customized pillow printed with our signatures.

Here are more pictures


This is personalized tote bag we made for everyone. The message “We Believe In You” is a play on GHOST’s theme – BELIEVE. Just so happened that recently, Cutie had also called on his fans to believe in him so we thought this was an excellent message that we want to give him to show our love, support and belief in him. We also hope the cast/crew like their gifts, it was a thrill to see Shim Gun Woo who plays the subway ghost, tweeted a picture of the bag and thank us for the meal.

And a look at our gift for Joo Won

Aren’t these pillows huggable? I was told that when Joo Won received the 2 pillows, he was really surprised and smiled. He actually looked at the signatures and even turned to the back to see if there were more. If you have contributed your signature, you can now dream of Joo Won sleeping on the pillow or hugging it with your signature right beside his lips or wherever you fancy, LOL.

This project almost did not happen. Yes, even after months of trying to find a date. So when our fortunes suddenly turned and Sim said YES! it was again a mad scramble to make things happen and deliver on time. With a very tight timeline, we, the admins decided to plan and come up with the design, selection, making and ordering of banners, stickers and gifts by ourselves. In an ideal situation, we would like to involve more of you and open for ideas. But the truth is many of these decisions were made via online chats at 1am or any time of the day for that matter.

We came up with the idea for the central theme which you will see in all the collaterals. It is the picture of Joo Won as Sam Wheat strumming the guitar. But we both can’t do chibis, so we asked a couple of fans for help. Bobbie Bear our dearest Viet fan whose marvellous Molly chibis were on our GHOST rice wreath posters was too busy. She tried but because we gave her too little time, she had to give this a pass. Thankfully, @smilepyong, another Viet fan came to our rescue. She is nothing short of wonderful. Within a short time and by just communicating to her what we want via showing her pics of Joo Won in white tank strumming the guitar, she drew this awesome and cute Joo Won-Sam Wheat chibi. Thank you so much @smilepyong for your awesome artwork and help and @goldlotus for connecting her with us. The chibi will appear on the bigger food stickers and the gifts. For the banner and Joo Won’s gift, our very own coolreborn did an awesome “big head” Joo Won. We are very grateful to our dearest friends from Joo Won Thailand Fan Club for pasting our stickers on the Snow Flower food packs and cups and the kindness they have extended to us.

GH11Joo Won Cutie International Fans and Joo Won Thailand Fan Club fans at D-Cube with the banners.



Our team with Cutie(!!!)

And here’s pictures of our man unwrapping his gift and enjoying the food ^_^






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