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To me, a book is a playground

I love “Imagination”, as I read a novel I would think about how the characters were developed. I would often imagine the conditions in which they live in- their family, their friends, the weather and the atmosphere at the scene. Moreover, books which are overflowing with imagination can be made into a movie or a drama. This type of books is very useful when it comes to analyzing a piece of work or moulding a character so books are the playground for my imagination and a help to my acting.

Celebrity’s Recommendations:

<Duguen Duguen, My Life> by Kim Ae Ran


Reason for recommendation:

It is a story about a couple who became parents at the age of 17 and their child who suffers from progeria. After I closed the book, the story still stayed within my heart for a long time. Although the topic was a serious one, it was full of splendor and filled the heart. Life has no answers, with a face of an elderly person and the youthful spirit, there was no definite path yet he never surrendered to his fate. Duguen Duguen his heart beats convey as he finds bliss in every moment. I am also looking forward to watching the movie.

<Sauve Moi> by Guillaume Musso


Reason for recommendation:

From an actor’s point of view, the book was outstandingly fascinating, unfolding like scenes out of a movie. Guillaume Musso’s <Sauve Moi> is one of those novels which reads like a movie. The encounter between a French woman and an American man is similar to a romantic movie and the suspense leading to the unexpected ending is just like a Hollywood movie. So if you are relaxing and have time on your hands and want to read a French novel, I would recommend Guillaume Musso’s novels.

<The Aging Family> by Cheon Myung Gwan


Reason for recommendation:

I will also introduce a book that has been made into a movie. The story unfolds around a 49 year old man whose movie has failed and his wife has an affair. He then moves in with his mother and 3 siblings and they live uneasily under one roof. Ironically, this allows them to know more about each other. The novel’s powerful characterization of an aging family made it hard to put down.

<A Night of Seven Years> by Jung Yoo Jung


Reason for recommendation:

The style of writing is brazen, impelling and fascinating. In an incident which happened seven years ago, a man killed a young girl and soon went crazy driven by guilt. His son leads a cruel life as a son of a murderer. Seven years later, the gaze under which he lives constantly, still feels like a noose which never loosens its grip. The story of the son unfolds quickly without letting up and intensifies. This piece of work is expected to be made into a film.

Chinese translation by rms5k on Joo Won Bar Baidu

English translation by mrdimples

Source: bookdb.co.kr/bdb/CelebrityBookShelf.do?_method=CelebrityBookShelfDetail&sc.webzNo=19168



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