Star Talk/JooWon① – I am an analog man

[Star Talk/JooWon①] I am an analog man when a female catching his eyes appears he keeps it inside


[Cho Na-young Reporter] Actor Joo Won, who never had controversy over his acting since his debut. He is not only active in field of Drama but also active in Musical and Movies; crossing over different genres in acting and performing and receiving the recognition of public makes him a compelling actor.

With a clean and put together outer appearance with the eyes that wants to tell a story, with sincere acting. If these are the things that express Joo Won, then his inside frank talk of [Star Talk] is his real charm. Let’s start our date with Joo Won.

# Acting Talk [A piece/project that still remains in memory] ‘Good Doctor’


‘Good Doctor’ which had healing dialogue stays in my memory the most. From it, the line that says “Disease is not what hurts but are a people hurt each other” remains with me the most and I’ve empathized much with it. There’s also saying people heal people. (laugh)


There are many hug scenes in Good Doctor. That’s the scene Shi-on did for the first time with suppressing his mind, it remains with me for a long time. The first hug scene with Chae-won noona. I remember feeling sad thinking while acting “then if people with Autism fall in love, does that mean they can only have one way love?”

Good Doctor Season 2 If we can do it, it would be great. We had a wonderful working relationship and chemistry with each other.  (laugh)

And if it’s in a different genre, I think we will still be good, even in comic genre, since we had a wonderful team work. Out of all the members, the one who was most normal was Chae-won noona. (haha)
#1 Movie Talk [A Piece with a refreshing leading character]

<Catch Me> – <Fashion King>

In movie ‘Catch Me,’ a character appears with a profession of ‘Profiler’ which is not well known in Korea. The character roles took on by actor JooWon are not usual professions. Just like the character Shi-On from ‘Good Doctor’ who had Autism, which became a social issue and received public outpouring of attention and affection.


“There is one reason why I took genre movie of ‘Fashion King’. It’s because it’s something I cannot do later. Up until now, I have never done a project like this and it’s just like Kang Dong-won Sunbae-nim (Senior) cannot do <Temptation and Wolf> now (I cannot do this genre later). This movie is fun since it has the fantasy of youth. The working chemistry with Suli is also good. I found out through this moive that Suli and I have many years difference in our age. “ (laugh)
#2 Movie Talk [Movie Kiss Scene that left deep impression] JooWon, analog man

The concentration of watching the same movie over 20 times ~ “Everyone ~ Hands Up!”

The kiss scene that left deepest impression is <Notebook>. Out of all the movies, I watched this the most. (laugh) I probably watched over 20 times. I watched it countless times. (haha) First, I really like the main characters in this movie. The loveliest scene was where the female main character jumps onto the male main character like a cicada. That kind of scene is very lovely and nice. (laugh)

The second is <Romeo and Juliet> and third is <Titanic>. I don’t get bored watching these over and over. I really like the OST as well. If I get a suggestion with a movie synopsis like <Notebook>, I would fold everything else to challenge that movie. (laugh)
Who is one main character of the movie you would like to work with?


From China, it’s Tang Wei. Mmm..if using Korean actor as comparison/example, it’s the similar feel as the Jun Ji-hyun Sunabae (senior).

Just like Jun Ji-hyun Sunbae, the transferred image is clean and has that kind of face that no other female actors carry. I better place a star.
#An interesting episode with Actor Kim Young-kwang inside the bathroom (quiet!)

One project of Tang Wei I watched with deep impression is <Late Autumn>. I can’t forget the opening of <Late Autumn>. (laugh) “Ah! Come to think of it, there was a funny episode while watching this part. I was watching this movie during the filming of <Good Doctor> while I was in the bathroom. At that time, the sound of moaning (from the movie) came through the door to outside and Young-kwang misunderstood thinking I was watching something strange.” (laugh) The opening of the <Late Autumn> shows Tang Wei walking in a main street and abruptly turns around and starts running. And then her breathing gets heavier. (laugh)

A Movie Character you desire?

First place, Notebook. Second, Pirates of Caribbean, Third place is the piece that has many series.


If our country has a successful series piece like the ones from overseas, I would like to challenge it. I think I would be honored. I will be living as that character of the series for a long time; it makes me happy just thinking about it.

# Fashion Talk [Part of Fashion – self styling] “Brand means Nike?”

I don’t know much about fashion. I just wear the clothes purchased by my mom or selected by my stylist. Even if I want to purchase Brand Named clothes, I can’t. Because there is nothing I want to buy. (haha)

To me, brand means ‘Nike’ and ‘Adidas’. I have not yet seen brands exceeding these. (laugh)

# Connection Talk [People JooWon Likes]

Tae-woong hyung gives me many pointers and cheers me on as acting senior. Ki-woong hyung is a really good person. He is sincere/earnest and honest so I like that about him. Also, he has ability to make the other person comfortable. He’s a hyung I would like to discuss issues with.


Shi-kyung hyung is a real artist. His songs are good and his voice is really great. When I see hyung, he’s a person with his own distinct color just like Jong-shin hyung or Yoon-sang ssi. I opened myself up to Chae-won noona very fast while doing the project together. I think I really liked her sincerity/earnest style. And in her constant effort to do better, I had so much to learn from. And she likes to talk so she’s the style to answer interviews with a sincere heart.

Ki Min-soo Director has dealt a lot with stories that are warm and humane.

During <Ojakgyo Brothers>, I felt that alot. Especially, he has the leadership and air that is really wonderful at the filming sight which is important. Director has charisma even though he’s always nice. That’s his charisma coming out of his quietness. I think that’s why actors follow him well.

I really like Ryu Seung-wan Director and Ryu seung-bum sunbae. They are really cool and in fact I envy them a lot. I feel like I can’t catch up to them, I really like director’s action style as well. (laugh)

# Dating Honest Talk [Style to control oneself in front of the one who catches his eyes]

In reality, I am the type who observes from behind.   I am not proactive. (laugh)

Usually when a guy likes a girl, there is a gesture that comes out. But I don’t (have that). In this regards, I am the type that has a really good control (over myself). Why? Because after confessing without really taking time (to know that person) it can turn out that our personality does not match (with each other), or you can break up soon after because she’s not what you saw from her outer appearance. When I see someone who seems to be alright, I observe them for a long time.

# Body Care [Loving Snacks] “Love of Potato~ My Love~”

JooWon who kept a cookie next to him during the interview says he likes snacks. JooWon, recently, because of diet, he’s trying hard to part with snacks for a while. The result of asking people near him, they say his favorite snack is potato snack.
>>[Star Talk/JooWon ②] will be continued…
(Photo Source: W Star News DB, Movie ‘Notebook’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’, Titanic’, ‘Armageddon’, ‘Late Autumn’, ‘Catch Me’, ‘Fashioin King’ Poster, Still Cut, Drama ‘Good Doctor’ still cut, Musical ‘Ghost’ still cut)

Source: This article appeared in Korea Financial

Translation: sdee@joowoncutie

Note: I was puzzled and asked sdee what’s “analog man”, she explained it’s like an old-fashioned man, a man in the era of analog. Pwaaaaaaahhhhh…….reminds me of the times I think Cutie is like a Joseon man!


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