1st Apr 2014 – Joo Won’s Message on joowon508 (English translation)

침대에 누워있는 주원입니다^^

I am JooWon who is lying on bed ^^

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It’s night~

누워있으니 이것저것 생각이 많이 나서요^^

Lying down makes me think of this and that ^^
Mmm… what I am thinking of is.~

우리들 즉, 연예인들?ㅎ 제 입으로 연예인은 좀 그렇고 배우들은 팬분들 사랑을 먹고 자랍니다~

We, the entertainers? hh  It’s bit embarrassing saying entertainer with my own lips…the actors grow from fan’s love~

항상 감사함을 느끼죠~ 지금 공연장에 와주시는 팬분들,연말 시상식 때에도 클릭 많이 해주시고ㅎ 쌀화환이든 식사?뷔페? 아무튼 이런것들…

I always feel thankful~Fans currently coming to see me perform, voting for me at the year-end awards hh Rice Wreaths, Meals? Buffet? things like these…
국내팬뿐만 아니라 해외팬분들까지~ 와우~
Not only Korean fans but even the Overseas fans~ Wow~

이렇게 큰 사랑을 받아도 될까 할 정도로..

To a point where it makes me think if it’s okay to receive such big love
지금..그리고 앞으로도 평탄하지만은 않을겁니다^^
Now… and in the furture is not always going to be smooth path ^^

여러가지 문제가 있을 수도 있구요~ 사건이 있을 수도 있어요~

There may be many issues and problems ~ even incidents ~
하지만 문제는 해결되니 있는거니까 
But all problems are there since they can be solved

항상 잘 해결 될꺼라고 생각합니다~

I believe they will always be resolved~

그쵸? 전 믿어요~ 지금까지 그렇게 살아왔어여~~ 하하하ㅡㅡ

Right? I believe that~ I lived that way until now ~  hahaha – – 

잘 될꺼고 여러분 사랑 잘 보답할겁니다~

All will be well and I will repay all of your love ~

그냥 누워있는데 이런 생각 해봅니다~^^

Just thinking like this while lying down~^^
그냥 이것저것 끄적거려 봤어요~^^
Just scribbling this and that~^^ 

모두 굿나잇~ 이쁜 꿈 꾸세요~

Everyone Good Night~ Dream good dreams~
사랑합니다~ 사랑합시다♥

I love you~ Let’s love♥


translated by sdee@joowoncutiewordpress

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