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#Tree Growing with Love

Why Did you want to become an Actor?

When I was in Primary & early part of Junior High School, I was the leader.  Many times I was the class president.

Leader leading with talents?

No.  An outstanding student who lead with an honest lifestyle.  I still have that kind of lifestyle left.  I am not sure what I felt as a young age but, going to Tutorial Class after School, studying at home and sleeping, I think that kind of life style was not meaningful.  And one day I became timid.  My parents worried a lot at that time.  And in order to change my timid personality, I joined the theatrical club; it turned out to be so much fun.  Not that acting was fun but the process of concentrating while acting and working over night was what I liked.  So boldly I changed my career path and went to Performing Art School and each year performed in plays and musicals.  I also was the master of the Theatre (laugh) after that I dreamt of becoming an actor.  It’s not that I had much greed to become or do something but I just liked acting.

When you look at people who dream of becoming an actor, their talents can’t be controlled.  Were you like that?

Not at all.  I think everyone’s different.  There are people who stand out at any gathering or place.  Of course, there are people like that who are not becoming an actor, but I do not have the wish to be like that at all.  I am the personal who would look on, and when we have a conversation, I am always the one listening.  But I think I was the student who always wanted to be liked.  Wishing that everyone would like me.

That part is like an actor, wanting to be loved.

Perhaps that’s true; I think it’s more like a human nature.  I am still like that.  It’s not like someone doesn’t like me but when someone thinks badly of me, it bothers me and I think I want to resolve the misunderstanding.  There are those people, who says bad things of the other person and says “I don’t like him” and when you ask “why?” then they answer “just because.”  If someone does not like me like that, it bothers me.

(SinSee Company’s Team Manager, Choi Seung-hee asked the question) JooWon, then don’t you have a person you don’t like?

No, it’s not like you like everyone but I try to look at everyone from their good side.  If  I don’t like someone then after I meet that person, I change my mind.  There is one person, I curse.  Besides that person, generally everyone looks good.  Perhaps that is my strong point.  At the filming sites, I am not acting extremely better than others but many people tell me I brighten up the atmosphere. But I am really with these people because I like being with them.  Even when there are strange rumors (about that person), when I meet them, I like them.

I think these are embedded in projects I did.  I’ve had many challenges, but did not make enemies during the process.

I am not sure, because I am not daring.

But your project selection is being done boldly.

I am with selections, but with relationship with others, I am not that bold.  Maybe in reality, I might be just being patient.  Just going through it smoothly is good so even when someone is being mean to me, I just go through with patience.


(Photo Reporter, Kim Hee-eun who was taking photos asked) Nice guy Complex?

Maybe so.  Of course, I am not saying bad things about that person.  I don’t say bad things or curse that person.  Because that kind of things cannot not exist?  I just want everything to go smoothly so there are many things I just fit and go along.

Don’t you have times you become filled with anger?

I do.  But I just endure.  There are times I endure on my own and there are times it dies down with the time.  I never got angry before.  Maybe it was the position of being a rookie so never got angry.  But now I know things I should know so I do get angry.  During those times, I go to my team and quietly complain.  (laugh)

But in society, if you stay still there are many who use that to their advantage.

That is true.  In reality, I do get angry because of those things.  Filming sites has many unexpected changes to cause delayed and changes, I can understand that.  But… when there are people who ignore/disregard me just because I am not saying anything, mmm.. I am not sure how I will be later.  (laugh)  Well, even these things I am enduring at this time.  But there are such people.

Before on <Kim Seung-woo’s Win Win> you mentioned that you arrive at filming site first, and during performance, you would wait at the practice room while cleaning.  Do you still do that?

If I am the youngest, I do that.  Even if I am not the youngest, if I am in the group of being the young ones, I would do that.  Just that that is the fundamental?  When you go to a restaurant, you place the spoons, pour water.  Of course when manager is there, he does that, but when he’s not there, I do that naturally.   It’s not,‘I am the youngest, so I better do it’ but I naturally get to do it because it’s fun.  Also, when I don’t do that, I don’t feel well.  When I am not at the filming site early, I feel anxious.  At times, I am there even before the staffs.  That way, I feel comfortable and I can act better with calm composure.

You are not like an Entertainer. (laugh)

I am sure I’ve also changed too.  But others who knew me before says I haven’t changed after meeting me again.  I especially felt it during the current Musical, hyung and noona says I am not like a usual entertainer.

Perhaps it’s from learning to be considerate to others during the practice for Musical

Correct.  I get influenced a lot by that lifestyle.

What is the difference between the actors with stage experience versus actors who has no stage experience?

I am sure not all will be like this, but on average, perhaps it’s the basic mindset that’s different.  The actors who are on TV want to look pretty.  But actors on stage focus more on acting instead of the look.  Instead of focusing on appearance, they want to show appearance of an actor.   So definitely there are considerations of others.  Maybe actors without the stage experience feel more comfortable by themselves.  At <Fashion King> filming site, I am older/hyung both in age and in experience.  So others may feel uncomfortable but I don’t want to eat by myself so I ask others to eat with me.  (laugh)  When I was a musical actor, we all used to eat together.  I really like that very much.


Do you think being on the stage helps you with other activities?

It helps a lot.  I got to learn the fundamental things first.  I think I learned the basic etiquettes for the social lifestyle while I was in Performing Art High School.  If I went to a regular High School, I probably would not know it.  I think this basic I’ve learned helps very much in life of an actor.

When others without the stage experience stand on the stage, the problems arise from these fundamental things.

I am not sure as I have not yet met such a person.  If a person doesn’t know, I would probably let him know.  I don’t think I can stand any hoo-bae (junior) who does not have proper etiquettes.  I was like that in school.  My sun-bae (senior) used to send me to train the junior who needs scolding.  Because I did all that needs to be done.  They cannot say anything to me.  If I did not do my duties and scold them, they would say “you do well first” but they could not say that.  So I was in the place of taking on the evil part.  To be honest, I am not ashamed of myself.  Not knowing how to act well does not matter but if they do not have proper etiquettes, I can tell them comfortably.

You really have both Good and Evil on your face.

Before I debuted on screen, people used to say I looked like I am a person without any manner.  (Lee) Chang-hee hyung said when we were doing <Altar Boyz> Musical, I was the most unexpected out of all the members.  At first, he thought ‘where did this player come from who will influence our team negatively’, but he said it was completely opposite.  He came to the stage saw that I came before anyone and was cleaning and was living a straight life.

Fundamentals are important.

I didn’t do it to appear in good light, but I didn’t do it by force either.  To tell the truth, it’s what I used to do at school.  (laugh)  The youngest start with mopping and cleaning.

If there’s no fundamentals, you cannot act well.

If you don’t have the fundamentals but act really well, (others) would get frustrated.  (laugh)

When you look back at your beginning, do you think you are going the right path?

I think I am going the path well; more than expected.  It makes me question if I have that much luck.  There are burdens, but it’s not that big of a burden and I plan to do what I’ve been doing.  If I feel burdened now, I would end up doing things I am not used to do and that’s the time you become strange.  Doing what you’ve been doing is the best.  Picking the project the way I’ve been picking.

Don’t you have burdens of ratings and projects being successful?

I am also trying to erase that.  Because it’s something you don’t know.  When I selected projects in the past, I chose without knowing the ratings will become that high so I honestly felt burdened at being called the ‘ratings man.’  (laugh).  In the future, I might do a drama that has really low ratings.  I always have that on my mind.  Just the fact that I am thinking about it is being me.

After having a conversation with you JooWon, I think I understand why the good projects are given to you.

Really? (laugh) Why do you think so?

#An actor how keeps the fundamental

After receiving an info that JooWon likes coffee, I’ve offered a coffee to JooWon.  But he said he’s controlling his throat condition for Musical and he rejected the coffee he loves.  Instead he was satisfied with just looking at the staff drinking the coffee instead of him.  When he’s smiling widely, he looks just like a young boy.  But when you look at his life style, you can feel the actor’s life that needs to live a controlled life.

There are many who cannot see the future because of being immersed in their present.  The immediate sweetness deters from being able to see the big direction of the future.  It’s the same reason many skilled actors who cannot differentiate good and evil fruits in front of them, even though they don’t know the one who patiently waits are the one who can have the “Real” apple.

From that point, I feel that he has eyes to be able to see both the present and future.  He also has the cleverness of doing the things he can do now and the things he wants to do now and leaving the things he can do well in the future for future. He even stopped drinking his favorite coffee for a project, did diet for the movie, and to keep the fundamental of being an actor by arrives at the filming site before the time.  You can say isn’t that what an actor should be doing?  But to say that, don’t we all know it requires tremendous control in order to do these things?  With the staying power and endurance to stay the course even when the sweet evil fruit is tempting, this is the road and path JooWon who wants to be an actor instead of a star, has been walking.  That is why he’s not in a hurry and he’s not being controlled by desire.  All his decisions are both for the present and future.  This is the reason why actor JooWon can have a long run.

Musical <Ghost> will be playing at DCube Art Center through June 29th, 2014.

JooWon | Follows That is why (It’s) JooWon Part 1, read the prelude here…e43-march-2014/. Full version of part 1 will be posted soon, look out for it.


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