Joo Won – Long Run in F.OUND Issue#43 March 2014


That is why (It’s) Joo Won

Joo Won

Morning 9 am, although it’s not time for sun to shine in the studio, studio is bright.  On staff’s face who must have come in with not enough sleep in the morning, you would expect to see irritated faces but you cannot see that sign.  In front of the, there is Joo Won.  He (Joo Won) has this energy to make people happy.


#Ambitious Spirit with a Reason

When he was 23, he wore an apron and instead of making bread, made ambitious greed as ‘Gu Ma Jun’, he burned the audience’s living rooms in TV Drama <Baker King Kim Tak Gu>.   Although what this man, without any flexibility who struggled to have the world, wanted probably wasn’t living room theatre’s popularity but with the steadily rising ratings, Joo Won’s popularity also went up.   In reality, for a chance like this to happen for a newly coming actor is like chance of winning a Lotto.  It’s not easy to meet a project/drama that can engrave himself with one punch.   Perhaps that is why there were oppositions from the staffs even before Joo Won was casted.  They were concerned of the negative impact it may cause by using the newly coming actor.  The one who had strongly recommended him was Kang Eun-Kyung, writer of <Baker King Kim Tak Gu>.    She was liked the courage of this man who answered “I want to do the role” without any hesitation to her question of “do you want to do the it (role),” thus, even with many staff’s dissuades, she casted Joo Won with a threat of not doing the drama without him.  Many were envious and said to him what kind of luck were you born with to get hit with this lotto.  But was it really just Joo Won who got hit with a lotto?  The new actors who appear like comets and going down faster than comets are found everywhere.  The one who can grab the opportunity is the one prepared with ready inner strength and deep efforts.  Joo Won is precisely that actor.


You can meet the full article with March 2014 Found Magazine.

At Found Online, it will be revealed after March 15th.

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Translated by sdee.

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