Joo Won for McCOL

Company Il Hwa (, President Lee Sung-gyun) pursuing human health and happiness revealed on March 5th they have chosen JooWon as their model for Mc Col, a carbonated barley drink which is the first in Korea.

Mc Col, which will be it’s 32nd anniversary this year, is the first Korean carbonated barley drink with base materials from Cho Jung Ri mineral water that is the top 3 in the mineral water in the world and 100% Korean organic barley.  Not containing Phosphoric acid, caramel color, caffeine, synthetic flavoring, it also added Vitamin B1, B2, C for a healthy carbonated drink.

Joo Won will begin over-the-air TV ads for Mc Col from mid April, and as Mc Col’s representatives face has plans to show various activities.  Along with new of JooWon as the chosen model, an active movement to make the 2nd Mc Col myth has beverage industry’s concentrated attention.

JooWon at the recent Mc Col commercial filming sites showed his over flowing charismatic manly charms with pure innocent charms at the same time which brought out staff’s exclamation.

Company Il hwa’s Na Sang-hoon Management Planning Team Leader said “JooWon with a sharp chic charm along with ability to digest various characters who has grown into a top star who has intimate charm with public matched well with concept of Mc Col thus lead to choosing him as the main model.”  “This year, we will appeal Mc Col’s strong point with JooWon, and concentrate on creating ‘The 2nd Mc Col myth’.”

source link: Pagesmain/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=396&aid=0000178399

조원익 기자

Cho Won-Ik Reporter

ⓒ 스포츠월드 &

Translated by sdee

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