Joo Won’s speeches at KBS Awards 2013

Top Actor’s Award: picked by the drama PD’s (around 150) from KBS, MBC and SBS

PD award

 Hello, I am JooWon
(Screams by the fans)

I feel embarrassed and sorry that I received the award Lee Mi Sook sunbae-nim was eyeing.

I am really thankful

Through ‘Good Doctor’ I felt the my heart becoming warm, and seeing the audience’s heart becoming warm

I felt the strength a drama has

I am very happy these days.  I received much love from meeting a great piece (drama)

and with the current performance I am going back to my beginning heart

I am now beginning a baby walk of  my 60 years of acting life

For the 60 years I will humbly try and work hard to give you more heart- warming and more big love

Thank you.  Love you.

netizen award

 Netizens’ Award (Popular Vote Picked by fans/audience online)

I didn’t expect a day like today would come

Thinking of Netizen Award

My fans probably worked hard on voting from the beginning of the voting period until the end

Perhaps you voted staying up all night?

Thank you so much for me who has nothing much to see

I always say to my staff

What is the reason they keep liking me

I say these things

Yes, anyway.  I think this award must be the most precious award

I will work on becoming a humble down-to-earth  actor who can receive even more love in the future

Thank you.

Top ex

Top Excellence Award, Actor 

Thank you

(fans: Milky shade Moon Joon Won!!!)

I am not milky shade(color of skin).. h h

Thank you very much

I thank Father God

My father, mother, brother and sister-in-law who I respect and love so much and who always become my best monitor agents

Thank you so much and

From the beginning of filming ‘Good Doctor’ Sang Wook hyung always asked me

to say ‘my brother who I love, Sang Wook hyung’ when I receive an award

Sang Wook hyung whom I love, Chae Won noona, Min-Suh noona, and our medical family

And Chun Ho Jin sunseng-nim and all the sunseng-nim and sunbae-nim(seniors) and our medical children

Thank you so much

And the one who came to me with a big challenge, who I also worked with on Ojakyo Brothers

Ki Min-soo Director, Kim Jin-woo Director, and who gave us a wonderful story Park Jae-bum writer

and who filmed great Kim Jae-hwan Cinematography Director really thank you

Our Sim Entertainment family Jung-woon hyung, Myung-Gyu hyung, Kang-soo hyung, Chang-ho hyung

And Ki-min hyung, Mi-yuk noona, Yoo-Ra and Jae-chan who I love so much

Min-jung noona, Ji-hae, Shin-young noona, Whan-hee noona, Young-hee teacher, Yoon-yi noona, So-ra

Thank you so much

‘Good Doctor’ was really big challenge to me (sob)

(fans: don’t cry! No don’t cry! Don’t’ cry…)

I am going to cry more if you do that… h

It was a great big challenge to me and I felt people with autism has the same feelings as us and felt that  they are able to give us such a big resonance

I had a target while I was doing this drama

For people with autism to be treated in a better system

As it is treatable, wish more systems to be created to get treatments

I heard that before ‘Good Doctor’ there were only 9 Pediatric Surgery Department

more are being created now and I wish for our children’s future and for the bright future

our country could become a country where Pediatric Surgery Department could  further develop

Thank you so much.  I will become an actor who is more humble and who does not calculate and who is down-to-earth (사람냄새나는 배우) actor

transcribed by 샘 묘 (Sam Myo from Joo Won DC Gallery)

translated by sdee hc


sdee shares a story about how after Joo Won’s speech, a fan’s mother started sobbing. As it turns out her family has a young one with autism in elementary school.  He was going to regular school and was taunted by many of the children for having autism.  But after the ‘Good Doctor’ the mother found 3 letters from the students apologizing for making fun of him and saying now they know that he is just different and special.  So after JooWon’s Best Actor’s Award for Male speech, her mother was crying hard.

Do not reblog and use in translating without permission and proper credits and link to this article.

5 thoughts on “Joo Won’s speeches at KBS Awards 2013

  1. Thank you to Joo won thailand Fan Club for giving me the idea on where to view Joo Won/s Speeches in English translation. I watched the entire KBS awards ceremony, and had a hard time to imagine what Joo Won was saying all about. Good you have the english translation made for non-korean viewers.

  2. I love saram naemse naneun baeu are the great actor. Even you are a great singer. Feel like i come to a one shop shopping store. You are a complete one. I don’t need others just you

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