MBC FM4U This Morning with Jung Ji Young ( Live Radio Show) – English Translations

video credit to jessy k

(JooWon arrived early to the Radio Studio in the morning, as he always does to everything, and while he was standing by, there were many people taking pictures of JooWon)

DJ tells JW to greet the listeners (DJ introduced JW as a person who you would wish as a dong-seng (younger brother) and makes you happy to hear him call you ‘Noona’… JW entered calling DJ ‘Noona,’ fulfilling her wish with a shy laugh) (DJ also mentioned there are many audiences sending her message even before 9 AM asking when JW will appear… many old and new audiences are anticipating JW’s talk on the radio)

JW says it’s been a long time since he has participated in a radio, he is a little nervous. Then he greets the listeners

There was a request for Joo Won to use Ma Jun and Si On’s voices to do the greetings. In the end, the DJ tells JW to use Si On’s voice to greet everyone.

They talk about when was the last time JW appeared on a radio program. JW says he did it once during his musical days to promote the musical(I remember it’s the one with Jo Jung Sok and other cast of Spring Awakening and JW was too cute and funny in it). At that time, it was pre-recorded(not live) so DJ asks JW if it feels better to be on a live broadcast. Joo Won says it’s an indescribable feeling, perhaps due to the fact that it’s a live broadcast, he feels he needs to be cautious and also a little nervous.

DJ asks if he feels a little thrilled and excited knowing that his friends might be listening to this while driving or his parents might be listening in. JW says he had once text Sung Si Kyung and it was fun hearing his own message being read by Si Kyung on radio.

DJ says that she discovered the many faces of JW through variety programs. At first, she had thought of him merely as a very good actor, she never thought he would be so adorable in real life. What do people say about him?

JW says that they tell him that he could do better if he presents himself a little funnier/more interesting. However, his personality isn’t the very lively sort. Usually, he listens more to people talking. When he is on the show, he would often look at his hyungs from the perspective of the audience rather than being funny. Thus, he feels inadequate in many ways although he had fun.

DJ says recently, he must be one of the busiest actors in the whole of Korea. She was astonished to see the list of dramas he has acted in this past 2 to 3 years, he has filmed many projects. After he finished Good Doctor, he immersed himself in the musical and he had also filmed a movie. She asked what is on JW’s schedule of late.

JW says that after he completed Good Doctor, he immediately started to practice for GHOST the next day. Presently, he is performing in the musical and the movie which he had filmed earlier will be in the theaters in December.

(afterwards, they talked about the movie and the roles)

DJ says that JW has mostly acted with actresses who are older than him. Does he feel relaxed and happy working with the noonas?

JW says he seldom gets a chance to act with people younger. Indeed, the older actors have more experience and have filmed more shows than him so not only does he feel relaxed when he is with them, there are also many areas which he can learn from them.

DJ asks with whom does he work with best? JW says he works well with all of them.

DJ says JW is very cautious. JW denies he is cautious because it’s really true that he works well with each of his co-stars. If he is forced to pick someone then he will feel sorry towards the rest.

(DJ and staff were surprised and thought interesting to hear JW calling all his female co-stars as noona, ex/A-Joong Noona, Chae Won Noona, Choi Kang Hee Noona, instead of the formal way, A-Joong ssi, Chae Won ssi, Choi Kang Hee ssi…)

A listener asked what is Joo Won wearing today?

The DJ briefly describes it. Simple and warm looking dark gray sweater with black slack.

Then DJ says Joo Won is taller than she had imagined, she asks if other people had commented so.

JW says that others have also said the same thing – he is taller in person and his built is better than what they had imagined. DJ added small face…

The DJ begins to read the messages that listeners have left, one said that she is supposed to have left for work but because of the broadcast, she couldn’t bring herself to leave the house. JW told her to quickly leave for work.

DJ talks about the movie <Catch Me> and asks on what scale (rating) is the movie?

JW says there are kiss scenes and also a bed scene which is not like a bed scene.

DJ probes about this “Bed scene which is not like a bed scene.”

JW says it’s just lying down together on bed type of bed scene. Before filming a kiss scene, the director would show them kiss scenes of other movies and told them he wanted to capture a beautiful scene. They put a lot of hard work into it

DJ asks if there were many NG?

JW says there was no NG but because the director wanted to use different methods and different angles, they had many takes.

DJ comments that JW can be more relaxed in the company of a senior actress because he can let the other party take the lead. JW says he is the one who leads the way in that scene. Previously when he was filming with Kim Ah Joong, (she said he seemed a bit less experienced), he felt a little flustered.

DJ asks if he has any expectations of the movie’s box office figures?

JW says that in reality, it’s difficult for romantic comedy movies to hit high figures. Personally, he hopes for 3 million.

DJ asks if he will carry out any promise if the figures hit the target?

JW asks if he can come to the radio program again as fulfillment of promise upon hitting the wished box office number. Because he really likes this kind of program. (DJ really like the idea and said should we lower the number to 1 mil, so there is even a higher chance of him returning to the show)

JW then reads numbers for audience to send text comments, message, questions for JooWon upon DJ’s request.

DJ asks what songs does JW like?

JW says he likes the quiet ballad types and expressive ones or songs which lyrics are beautiful.

JW introduces the first song he brought with him today that he likes. It’s Kim Dong Ryul’s “Should I say love you again?” He says this was a song he likes all along and it so happens he gets to sing it in the movie. While memorizing the lyrics, he was once again captivated by the song from the wonderful lyrics.

DJ asks JW to sing the song live on radio.

JW sings a small part of Kim Dong Ryul’s “Should I say love you again?”

The DJ comments that Kim Dong Ryul’s song is not easy to sing and she is amazed at how terrific JW’s voice is (and how well JW sings.  Also how he accepts request to sing live without any hesitation). She remarks that indeed not anyone can be a musical actor.

DJ starts to read the messages. One of them wants Joo Won to stop appearing in strange variety shows and appear on more radio programs.

DJ asks JW what exactly are strange variety shows he has appeared?

JW says that recently he has been on many shows to promote his movie so his fans are all very concerned that he does not have enough rest.

DJ says this is the heart of fans and she has heard that today his schedule is already packed with activities.

There was a message from a law student who is taking exams on that very day (of the broadcast). Because she is a big fan of JW’s she couldn’t switch off the radio broadcast and she will be going to watch JW’s musical that weekend after her exams. JW cheers her on for her exams.

The topic of discussion returns to the movie

JW says if “Catch Me” appears at the top of word search, he will provide 25 movie tickets to select 25 audiences from out of his pocket (JW mentions this is something he’s just doing it now separated from the Marketing Team’s promotion of Catch Me).

DJ asks if they could just hit top 3? Then she announces that at the end of the broadcast, if “Catch Me” emerges in the top 3 most searched JW will give away 25 tickets.

After the commercials, DJ repeats the movie tickets giveaway.

Then the DJ says that fans are really awesome. Now many of Joo Won’s fans worry that Joo Won will fall sick because of his hectic schedule and there are also fans who worry that “Catch Me” will not be able to make it to the most searched terms. She emphasizes on the correct pronunciation for “Catch Me”.

When the DJ spoke about the fans, JW immediately laughed. He says he is very thankful to his fans and this time, there were many who went to watch the musical. He felt as if he had a staunch army of supporters and he is truly grateful to them.

Speaking of the age range of his fans, JW says the range is very wide for him.

Next segment is a speed Q & A: O/X

1.   I think I look better in person than on screen – O

2.   I maintain good contact with female co-stars after each project. – O

3.   I often hear that I get along well with my hyungs and noonas, in reality, I also do a lot of aegyo – X

4.   When I first stepped on the musical stage, I thought I would be very famous one day – X

After the Q&A was quickly completed, they discussed further.

1) I think I look better in person than on screen – O

JW says he feels this way and people often said the same thing. So in the beginning, he was very conscious of how he looked on screen. Afterwards, he did not pay much attention to it.

DJ asks JW concerning how he looks on screen, which part he is dissatisfied with?

JW says it’s his cheeks. They looked very round on screen.

DJ says that actually JW has a V-shaped face and proceeds to read a message.

A listener asks if JW’s face is indeed as small as it appears on TV? Is JW’s face smaller than the DJ’s?

DJ says that his face is smaller than hers and she will post a photo later so that everyone can compare.

2) I maintain good contact with female co-stars after each project. – O

JW says that he keeps in frequent contact and often sends his regards to the other party. Whenever there is any news or updates, each will show concern for the other.

3) I often hear that I get along well with my hyungs and noonas, in reality, I also do a lot of aegyo – X

JW says he does not intentionally do anything aegyo. It’s just that when he is with his hyungs and noonas, his manner of speaking becomes a little more like a child. DJ says she thinks JW is sincere type.  JW agrees.

DJ talks about that time when he spoke to his mom over the phone on 1N2D. JW says that everyone thinks he is talking (when speaking to his mom) to his friend. DJ wants JW to pretend as if he is talking to an older sister or younger sister who he’s close to, how will he ask about them?

(notice JW’s manner of speech here)

4) When I first stepped on the musical stage, I thought I would be very famous one day – X

DJ talks about how JW started out as a musical actor and then cross over to television.

JW says that he was a musical actor for 4 years and debuted through Baker King Kim Tak Gu. Returning to the musical theatre after a hiatus of 3 and half years, he is really very happy (and so much fun). He feels blissful every day. Although there are little slip ups, he would be very happy at the end of each show. He feels as if his heart is about to burst.

DJ asks how did the opportunity to debut in theatre come about?

JW says that he was singing while cleaning in school. There was a musical actor, Han Ji Sang (JW’s University sunbae/senior) who heard him sing and said that he will recommend him and wanted him to take part in auditions, which became an opportunity.

DJ asks what song did JW sing?

JW says that it was a song from a musical and because he was the only person there, he just casually hummed and sang.

Next is the 2nd song JW recommends

JW says he likes Epitone Project very much; their vocals and lyrics are awesome. They use many every day words in their lyrics and the lyrics tell a story which makes people feel warm. He recommends Epitone Project’s  나는그사람이아프다 (feat. 타루)

JW said that previously on 1N2D, when Lee Moon Se strummed the guitar and sang softly, the feeling was very good.

DJ asks JW why doesn’t he become a singer?

JW says he is not that level. DJ beg to differ and said JW is at that level and that they all heard him sing Kim Dong Ryul’s song earlier.

DJ asks what he likes to do besides acting and music?

JW says he drinks tea. He used to like coffee but because of the musical, he stopped drinking coffee. Previously he could drink 10 cups of coffee in a day but now he has temporarily stopped doing so for his health as it makes him becomes dry .

Then DJ reads 2 messages

1)  Originally I do not like male actors much but strangely Joo Won attracts me, I am male.

2)   Joo Won also has hyung(male) fans woah~

DJ says that the male fans have finally surfaced~

The baking instructor who was working on Baker King Kim Tak Gu film set also left a message.

JW says he remembers them. The contents of the message say JW’s bread making skills was very good and his personality was also very good. At that time, he/she had already hoped that JW will progress smoothly. Now, seeing that JW has succeeded, he/she is very happy. During the class, he/she felt that JW was so handsome that one can’t help but take an interest to him. He/she said in real person, JW is more handsome than on screen by a hundred fold. (JW said he remembers them and that there were male and female instructors. Both DJ and JW figured it must be from the female instructor reading from the message.)

Below is the list of questions raised by listeners:

1)What is the song JW is most confident of singing in KTV?

JW says he will sing songs that he likes for example Epitone Project and Si Kyung hyung. He also likes Yoon Jong Shin’s songs, he often sings them.

2)  To name an actress(younger than him) whom he would like to co-star with.

JW says it’s Kal So Won (the little girl who acted in Miracle Cell No. 7/she was also on 1n2d as a guest who said JW is like a Price). In one interview, she mentioned JW. But JW says that she actually said his name after mentioning Song Joong Ki’s. He has also met her and finds her really beautiful and clever, it would be very fun to act with her.

3)  How does he feel when he receives a standing ovation from the audience at the end of the musical?

JW says he feels as if his body is all charged up in an instant. During the performance on Sunday, he experienced it and felt as if an electric current flowed inside his body. His tears also flowed and he really felt as if he had everything in the world. DJ comments that JW is born to be on stage. JW says it felt as if he had won a grand award.

4)  Does JW still read up on general knowledge books?

JW says he used to do it diligently for a period but he stopped for now. He could not remember many of the answers and he had earnestly asked his hyungs how they come to know all those general knowledge. But they told him to wait till he has reached their age and he will naturally know by then. He was really afraid of those general knowledge questions and hated to answer them (on 1n2d). DJ asks if any of those questions from his general knowledge book came out. JW says he often gets questions relating to his major correct but he has hard time getting the correct answer on other questions.. (DJ said JW looked human getting the answers wrong during this conversation)

DJ asks about JW’s plans for the year end.

JW says he will spend it with the audience(through the musical performance) and there will also be activities to promote the movie during which he will spend time with fans. He does not think he will have much personal time. .

DJ says that although “Catch Me” did not hit the target for most searched term, many fans have participated and sent in their IDs so JW decided that he will still give those movie tickets. Then JW recommends 3rd song to listeners a song which he often listens to. It is Sung Shi Kyung’s song written byYoon Jong Shin “The Thing to Do Tomorrow”(Feat: Sung Shi Kyung). (Note: This song ‘The Things to Do Tomorrow” is a song written by Yoon Jong Shin for Sung Shi Kyung but sung by both Sung Shi Kyung and Yoon Jong Shin (separately)).

DJ says that if the movie hits more than 3 million in box office, JW must come on the radio program again. JW says yes.

Chinese translation : answnsdnjs on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples

Edited by sdee

p.s. we might put up a subtitled version of this audio clipped.


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