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We Did It!

Our 2 X200kg rice wreaths at D Cube!!!

If you have been following the sega of the <GHOST> Rice Wreath Project, you would have known that the road to success was paved with obstacles but our love for Joo Won conquers all. First, we worked hard to get the project off the ground and thankfully all our lovely contributors dug deep and made it possible. We were dreaming of how a 1 ton Rice Wreath will look like in D Cube and the happy smile on Joo Won’s face when he sees it. Just as we were celebrating hitting the target fund collected, we were dealt with a cruel blow. News came to us that D Cube will not be accepting rice wreaths. Just imagine, after weeks and weeks of working with rice wreath company Dreame, painstaking putting the banners together, liasing with all contributors, setting up and collecting from bank account, Western Union, fighting with Paypal, answering many many queries and learning stuff from scratch, this was the last thing we could foresee. We were devastated.

Then as @moonandhearts said “Believe”. Yes, in the darknest hour, we held on tightly to that teeny weeny bit of hope even though there was no good news of change. We told ourselves until the D-day on the 24th November when we see NO rice wreaths at D Cube, we are still going to “Believe”. At the eleventh hour, Dreame contacted us and told us that D Cube relented and decide to accept rice wreaths but limited to no more than 200kg. We immediately placed our order and as “kiasu” Singaporeans that mjwonnie and I were, we decided to push our luck and ask if we could send another order, even as the 1st order went through. You know, a fangirl has no pride. None, Who knew that Dreame said “Yes”!!! but that was the last they could accede to, no more. We were over the moon. Although we didn’t get to send 1 ton, 2X200kg wasn’t too bad considering it all. @coolreborn had the fastest fingers in the fandom and produced the English version of GHOST banner 1. So now, we have both the Korean and the English versions. Aren’t they lovely?

Things got stranger than drama fiction when we heard that Korean DC fans managed to negotiate for 1 ton for their fanclub and the Japanese garnered a 500kg one. We are still scratching our heads over what had happened. Language barrier? But remember Korean fans were just as puzzled why they were told they couldn’t send a rice wreath to the <Catch Me> press conference but we and Kites did? Anyway, it does not matter because we are truly happy that the Korean and Japanese fans got bigger rice wreaths for Joo Won. We are not competing with each other but we are all part of a family of fans who love Joo Won and support him in what he does. The more Joo Won lovers, the better!

Joo Won Cuties Fighting!

Joo Won Lovers Fighting!

<GHOST> Fighting!

Joo Won Fighting!

Our rice wreaths have been a hot topic amongst other Joo Won fans as well as appearing in the media. Take a look…

KBS TV Exclusive Tweet

Korean translation by @sdee hc:
Ever busy JooWon, will he conquer Musical now?  The Musical Ghost Press Call will open soon.  Yep!  It’s based on the Movie Ghost.  Wreaths from his fans are also found here.

Remember yesterday, an article came out regarding our <Catch Me> rice wreath?

This is a brief translation (below within lines are relating to JW Cutie International) provided by @sdee hc
Actor JooWon’s fans both in Korea and International sent Dreame Rice Wreath at Catch Me Press Conference wishing the success of the Movie and continued support (cheer) for JooWon.
On 18th, at the Catch Me Press Conference, Dreame Rice Wreath were delivered from Vietnam and International Fandom of JooWon with cheering message ‘Catch Me Fighting! Our Lee Ho Tae is the Best.  JooWon Vietnam Fanclub’, ‘주원 – 사람냄새 배우, Joo Won Cutie International Fans’ with JooWon’s giant picture, sent 250kg of rice wreath to send their cheer for JooWon. 
JooWon Cheer Dreame Rice Wreath will be donated to the charity specified by JooWon to help the single elderly needing support, and to support neighbors who are gong through hardships and in need of help.
…. and then it goes into the Dreame Rice Wreath support from International fans came also during the Bridal Mask, Level 7 Civil Servant etc. to support and cheer for JooWon…
….and it recaps the support the came for Good Doctor… totalling 2.25 tons to cheer for JooWon.
The rest is what was already said about JooWon’s health that he is now taking care of it and how he started filing Good Doctor while filming Catch Me and he is now waiting for the Musical performance and Movie Catch Me opening… and the opening of the Movie date is 12/12/2013…***********************I really love what @sdee hc told me, I shall quote her here:

“Fandom is an actor’s strength”


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