Three Little Words – We Love You

<GHOST> Rice Wreath
by  Joo Won Cutie International Fans!




Yesterday we received news from Dreame, the rice wreath company that D Cube has relented to accepting rice wreaths at the venue. However due to space constraints, they are limiting the size of the rice wreaths to a maximum of 200kg. Not wanting to keep our hopes too high after having them dashed just the day before, we decide to not announce it but order the wreath and see it happen with our own eyes.

This time round, Dreame managed to send us pictures in advance as they have already sent the rice wreath to D Cube venue. And this is not all, my dear Cuties, we actually appealed to Dreame to accept another order of 200kg as originally our plan was to give our Joo Won 1 TON Rice Wreath donation. I want Cutie to step into D Cube and see all these Rice Wreaths lined up against the walls and know that he has many many fans who love him and support him. Some who will never even have a chance to see him perform in the musical but poured all their love nonetheless. Thankfully, Dreame said they can accept just 1 more order, so we will have 2 X 200kg Rice Wreath, hurrah! Tomorrow the 2nd Rice Wreath will be delivered to the venue.

On the behalf on the admin team for Joo Won Cutie International Fans -Thank You to our awesome contributors again ^^

@anne22, @coolreborn, @ellasam81, @exile18, @ezze, @farbarri, @jooceci, Joo Won Indonesia FC (representatives: @maymay, @Mei), @kinkipeifun,
@Ma OO, @manyearsago, @maryss, @Miro, @mjwonnie, @moonandhearts, @mrdimples, @mydeed, @sdee, @simplydramafied1082, @stearly, @Tasia

Camille Roche-Bril, @coolreborn, @ellasam81, @ezze, @jooceci, @jsubmarine, Joo Won Kites (representatives @goldlotus, @nhatkhanh), @manyearsago, @maymay, @Mei, @mikhaella75, @mjwonnie, @moonandhearts, @mrdimples, @mydeed, @raito1310, @she0212

The Story Behind The Banner…

When I was conceptualizing the banner design, I wanted to capture the mood of the musical. Armed with very few pictures of Joo Won in <GHOST> at that time when we started working on it, we chose this particular shot of Joo Won. This screen capture of Joo Won was actually taken from the <GHOST> poster making BTS and the only frontal, single shot we have.

@goldlotus also told us that a Joo Won Kites member volunteered to do chibis for us and we gladly accepted. I decided to put Molly chibis wearing national or traditional costumes of the contributor’s country and reenacted the scene of Molly holding an umbrella standing amongst a crowd of people holding brollies. If you noticed, each Molly chibis has a tear at the corner of her eyes. Bobby Bear is truly a wonderful artist who painstakingly took weeks to draw each chibi and insert little details into their costumes. The name of each contributor’s country is written in Korean Hangul on the  respective umbrellas.

Finallly the captions. I remembered when I first heard news of Joo Won returning to musical, my reactions were mixed to say the least. On one hand I had always read of his intention or dream to return to his first love – musicals. On the other hand, I honestly did not expect him to do it at this point of his career when he is getting more and more recognized and popular Being in a musical with a run of at least 6 months means that he won’t be appearing in any dramas for the duration. Out of limelight, out of the audience’s mind and as everyone knows, musicals are the mainstream where the capture is wide. I was truly worried for his career as well as lamenting that I won’t see him for a long period. However, when I saw how he threw himself into the auditions and how serious he looked, I knew he was doing what he love and pursuing his passion.

It is impossible to see him in this light and not support him. Thus I chose the words from one of the songs “Three Little Words” and wrote this caption

In everything you do
Three little words we say to you
“We Love You”

The banner you see in the pictures above shows the Korean version which is translated by our Korean member @sdee hc who has been instrumental in translating videos, interviews and messages like this from English to Korean and vice versa. The English version will on the 2nd Rice Wreath banner

네가하는 모든일에

우리가 네게하는 세 마디 말  (three words we say to you)
“사랑해”  ((I/we) love you)

Thank you, Bobby Bear for drawing all these beautiful chibis. Thank you @goldlotus for helping us to coordinate with Bobby Bear, Thank you @sdee hc for advising us and helping us with translations. Last but not least, thank you my twin, @coolreborn for your hardwork and dedication in making this banner, awesome editing work and tolerating all my requests for re-editing and my fussiness with details (I confess I am a slave driver but only for Cutie :D), I love you.


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