Rice Wreath

<Catch Me> Rice Wreath

by Joo Won Cutie International Fans

I sometimes feel inadequate towards Joo Won. I want to say “I Love You” to him in person but I cannot. Neither am I in Korea to watch his dramas on TV and contribute to his drama ratings. I can’t go to his movie either, even attending his musical is not a certainty. Yes, deep down in my heart, I love him and support him as an awesome actor, singer and person. But just like Sam Wheat in GHOST who loved Molly in his heart but could not say the three little words “I Love You”,  if I do not express my support, would Joo Won know? This is why I choose to express my admiration, love and support for the man who deserves all the accolades and recognition – Joo Won, through fan projects like food catering in Joo Won Birthday Project and the Rice Wreaths Project for <Catch Me> and <GHOST>

On behalf of the admin team of Joo Won International Fans, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our awesome contributors for the Rice Wreath Project(Catch Me and GHOST)

@ellasam81, @exile18, @ezze
@jooceci, Joo Won Indonesia FC (representatives: @maymay, @Mei)
@Ma OO, @manyearsago, @maryss, @Miro, @mjwonnie, @moonandhearts, @mrdimples, @mydeed
@sdee, @simplydramafied1082, @stearly

and as part of the funds were brought over from the previous project – Joo Won Birthday Project, we will also like to acknowledge our appreciation to the contributors of that project

Camille Roche-Bril
@ellasam81, @ezze
@jooceci, @jsubmarine, Joo Won Kites (representatives @goldlotus, @nhatkhanh)
@manyearsago, @maymay, @Mei, @mikhaella75, @mjwonnie, @moonandhearts, @mrdimples, @mydeed

note: please see that names are in alphabetical order

You gals amaze us with your love and support for Joo Won. Many were very apologetic at not being to contribute more but as we’ve said many a times, we appreciate every dollar you contribute no matter the amount because we know you truly gave from your heart. You walk the talk and dug deep into your pockets. Truly giving in USD is not easy as converted into your local currencies, the amount that 1 USD can buy is not insignificant.

If it were not for the bank fees or transfer charges, we would not have a minimum amount. However having said that, the minimum amount of USD20 is I believe attainable or affordable by anyone. As @manyearsago said, it make take a day for some to save, weeks for others but if you truly believe in what you are doing, nothing can stop you. In fact, some contributors face hurdles in transferring money across the oceans but they never let it stop them.

Rather than always depending on a few large contributors, we would rather more people pitched in and contribute. Unless you have contributed, you will not know the joy of giving and seeing the results of your contribution. It delighted me to see Joo Won tucking into our food which we catered during the Birthday Project. It was there and then we knew for certain he now knows the existence of Joo Won International Fans and how people from all around the world love him and support him. For these 2 Rice Wreath Projects, we continue to let Joo Won know that his hardwork and sacrifices are not unappreciated or unknown. He has fans from every corner of the earth who love him and appreciate him for the man that he is.

We are delighted that we have staunch supporters who are always willing to contribute, we also have very new members who immediately contacted us despite only joining this thread recently. We have fans who keep apologizing for the “small” amount they can contribute and also fans keep telling us they can contribute more if needed. To be honest, I was near tears when I read of @ellasam81′s post recently. I wanted to tell her to keep the money for her treatment but I know her better. She was the one who wanted to give before I even asked and I kept telling her to wait. I am now glad that we accepted and we are so proud of her selfless giving.

Joo Won has never held back in giving us his best. He goes all out and more in every project he undertakes. It is for this reason that we all admire him and love him. We are proud to be his fans and as Joo Won has given us all he has, let us not withhold and give him all our support through such fan projects.

Thank you, all contributors from the very bottom of our heart. You are DAEBAK!

If We Do Not Say It, Will You Know?

If We Do Not Show It, Can You See?

We will send out the Project Report detailing the funds collected and expenses incurred once both projects are completed.

Contribution List (please note the for rice wreath, forex rates are assumed)

Contributors for Birthday Project USD
Camille Roche-Bril 20
coolreborn 151
ellasam81 266
ezze 150
jooceci 105
jsubmarine 250
Kites 402
manyearsago 200
maymay 25
Mei 20
mikhaella75 105.6
mjwonnie 81.39
moonandhearts 53
mrsdimples 100
mydeed 300
ratio1310 60
she0212 65
Contributors for Rice Wreaths USD
anne22 30
coolreborn 50
ellasam81 40
exile18 160
ezze 411
jooceci 110
JooWon Indonesia 130
Ma OO 48
manyearsago 200
Maryss 130
Miro 96
mjwonnie 500
moonandhearts 23
mrdimples 290
mydeed 315
sdee hc 200
simplydramafied1082 500
stearly 110
kinkipeifun 32
Tasia 96

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