Show Your Love for Cutie – Rice Project for ‘GHOST’ and ‘Catch Me’

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We are launching our next project for Cutie and good things don’t come in one but two. Yes, we are organizing rice wreath projects for both <GHOST> which will premiere on the 24th November and <Catch Me> which will premiere on the 19th December. The 2 events are barely one month apart and to reduce cost in bank transfers, we decided to collect funds for both.

Sending rice wreaths to Cutie will show our support for him and let him know that we fans appreciate the good and hard work he puts into each and every project. This activity is also meaningful and charitable as Cutie will get to nominate the charity which these rice will eventually go to. So in a sense, we are helping people in need when we support Cutie. At the moment, we are also considering meal project if the opportunity presents itself. As we are not able to determine how food can be presented during a musical rehearsal, this will have to be kept in view until we have more details. So for now, let’s focus on these rice wreath projects.

We will be getting the rice wreaths from Dreame for they are experienced, handled many of such projects and are able to communicate in English. The size of the rice will be determined by the amount of monies raised. These are some examples from previous events.

This is a 200kg rice wreath sent by Joo Won Taiwanese fans for Good Doctor. Cost is approximate USD788

This one is from bear navel, Japan FC. It will cost about USD 1,418

We have about USD500 left over from the previous project. For those who missed contributing to Joo Won’s Birthday Project, this is the time to do now. And for those who have contributed but are willing to contribute more, we will always appreciate your love and support. Frankly, I am very touched by the generosity of our contributors for the last project. They have been thoroughly generous and gave their all from their hearts. Just this morning, I asked myself why do I put in so much effort, time and money, yes hard dollars into supporting Joo Won. In life, when I see a cause worth supporting, I will contribute what I can.  Joo Won is a person whose talent and hard work has blessed me with so many enjoyable hours of entertainment, I think I should support him in every way I can. It is no different from paying thousands of dollars for a piece of art you appreciate.

Our experience with PayPal for Joo Won’s Birthday Project did not work well, hence this time we are looking for alternative ways to collect the funds. At this moment, we have decided to appoint a country representative to collect monies for respective country fans. The representative will then transfer the collected funds to our admin in charge. This reduces the bank charges which can be very significant. Since the bank fee is a more or less a flat one, it makes sense to reduce the number of transactions for country-to-country transfer. coolreborn will be the representative for Philippines and mrdimples will be the representative for Singapore. For other countries, we will be contacting and confirming the representatives soon. Besides bank transfer, we are also looking at Western Union.

If you wish to contribute, please drop us an email at and we will give you the details. In event there is no country rep, we will have to do individual transfers which might be subject to a minimum to make it feasible. We look forward to your love and support.

Deadline is 15th November.

‘GHOST’Fighting! ‘Catch Me’ Fighting! Joo Won Fighting!!!




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