Good Doctor – Si On and Yoon Seo’s Dream Date

In the latest episode, Si On and Yoon Seo went on a dream date. The sun was shining and the two were laughing and enjoying themselves, looking every bit like the perfect couple.



Do you think this dream is imagined by Si On or Yoon Seo. Share with us your views here.

The scene:

(extract from recap)

The idyllic dream where SO and YS were together on a perfect date totally caught me by surprised. I think the writer was clever in painting this picture in our minds. How many of us have wondered what if SO is ‘normal’ because as I wrote earlier, there is really nothing that should stop this two from loving except for his disability, right? The writer also achieved giving the viewers the kind of romantic scene they clamor for without sacrificing any logic. Nearing the end of the drama and with YS just having come to terms with her feelings for SO, we can’t have them suddenly going out on dates like this, can we? Still I hope the show will give us a real date for SO and YS because as perfect the dream scene was, it is still not real. I must give credit to the director and our two leads for giving us such a beautiful scene, from the way the sunlight shines so prettily on everything to the awesome chemistry that the actors brought onto reel. It was surreal and breathtaking to say the least.

My question to the writer – Is this date dreamed by Si On or Yoon Seo?

Some viewers think it is Yoon Seo because as Si On sang the song, she imagined how perfect their love will be if he is ‘normal’. Dramabeans writer gummimochi wrote that the thought of this brought tears to Yoon Seo’s eyes. Some may also think it is Yoon Seo because Si On is unable to imagine or dream of such a scenario.

My first thought and still remains is that it is Si On who imagined that dreamscape. It is congruent to his song “If I Were” where the lyrics speak of how Si On wants to be everything for Yoon Seo. So I guess this imagined scene was from him because it was exactly what he was dreaming and hoping for – an alternate world where he is normal and qualifies to love Yoon Seo and be loved by her.


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3 thoughts on “Good Doctor – Si On and Yoon Seo’s Dream Date

    •’s difficult to decide, huh?

      Another reason why I think it’s not Yoon Seo is because I don’t think she wants Si On to be different. She accepts him for who he is. It is Si On who thinks he doesn’t have the qualification to love because he is different and he wishes he could be ‘normal’ so that he can do and give her everything she wants in a man.

  1. Hello.. Tasia here… my first comment on this site….
    Now that I see the question, and have a deeper thought… You’re right…. I think it is ShiOn’s dream… Since Yoon Seo accepts Shi On as he is… And I believe in YS’s eyes, SO is perfect.. A perfect namja… 😉

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