Joo Won Birthday Project – Fan Account ^^


Approximately at 11.30 we (I & H –JW Korean fan) arrived to filming location whereas another 3 Korean fans waited there already.

We carried more than 20 big boxes to delivery elevator to 3rd floor where cafeteria is. When arrived the cafeteria, just know that JW manager helped us on the 3rd floor to carry out those meal boxes ^ ^ very kind manager ~~

After greeting to JW manager, we start our works .stored all meal boxes in order, arrange the trash boxes & bag separately, paste the banner and so on.

We cannot go out at the beginning due must standby to recheck the room temperature every hour. Till the venue staff came to cafeteria and recommended how to operate the air condition T.T  ….He took us to tour the media & entertainment university ^ ^..


Around 4pm, JW manager came to inform that the GD staffs will come to have dinner around 5.30 to 6 pm, we went to the coffee shop (another building) to bring the coffee & drinks we pre-ordered. When I saw the coffee shop poster “the fried chicken” and heard from Korean fan that JW like this chicken so much. His manager always bought this chicken to JW when he filmed there. So I made the decision to order big box of fried chicken to JW more.

Staffs came to pick up the meal sets (Thai meal box, spicy chicken, banana & drink) so we all were busy to serve them. While I was busy , I heard someone said “Annyoung Haseyo” behind me. When turned back…oh …Joowon’s coming ^ ^ …..He came with “JSW” & “MCW” and greeting to us before going to special table that we prepared for main actors before.

One Korean fan told me to say something to Joowon, but I don’t know what to say, then just say “Sawasdee ka” hahaha…I always greeting him with Thai ^ ^

Joowon and another 2 actors say annyoung to me then we invited them to the table& recommended Thai meal box to them as they looked curious what’s it ~.

After that I came back to my position, serving the meal sets, to other staffs ^ ^ ..have not much time to look at them even the table just nearby the kitchen.

Anyway, when I went into the kitchen I looked at them enjoy our meals, I felt like… ah…… little bro enjoy eating a lots ..  I can hear him laugh , I can see his smile while eating…that’s wonderful moment ^ ^  During we have free time, one Korean fan told me to mix my “longan juices” to 3 of them.  She told me I must serve to JW, it’s my duty she said ^ ^….So I walked to JW and recommend what’s this! JW smiled and ask me to say again what’s Longan?? I don’t know how to explain too, so I said it’s “Lamyai” in Thai hahaha..He smell the juices before sib, and say something in Korean I don’t understand T.T ……But JSW give me a thumb and speak in English very loudly “GOOD…GOOD”. As I stand behind MCW, so that I couldn’t see her reaction ^ ^…

Around 7.30pm, most of staffs finished their meals. Finally 3 actors also finished, they walked to the kitchen where I was, so I came out to say good bye to them. Again JSW said in English to me when I asked how’s about the meal? “GOOD GOOD” and big smile ^ ^ also MCW…both of them thank you in Korean for the meals and left to shooting again.

Now it’s the time with Joowon !! He bring the pink paper & also our clubs name I prepared for him to sign to the table. He asked if he can sign in Korean? I said that’s okay! So he signed for “Joowon Thailand Fanclub” and “Joowon Cuties International Fans” in Korean. After finish his sign, JW walked to our banner^ ^  Manager gave me the signal that using my mobile phone to take photo, only Joowon with Banner, first..Another person didn’t take this photo at all, manager said it’s only for me to take a photo.

Then manager told me going to take photo with Joowon …..I walked to joowon slowly and blank! I didn’t know which side I should stand T.T so move left & right ..left & right..till hearing Joowon laughed out loud, also everyone there … so shy T.T……then Joowon pull me to stand nearby him ..and manager took the photo with my mobile phone ^ ^..During the 2nd shot, I asked joowon can I hug him? He smiled and suddenly give me a hug ~~~~ At that moment, my head think only “someone here told me please tell how’s Joowon smell?” so I quick deeply breathe his chest (due I hit his chest-i don’t know what should i explain T.T ) ….so soft, good & natural smell ^ ^ confirm!!!!!!! After that it’s time for another 4 fans to take photo with him. When finished, Joowon say good bye and go to shooting quickly.

by jwthfc from Joo Won Thailand FC and Joo Won Cutie International Fans

Please do not reblog or translate without permission and proper credits.



6 thoughts on “Joo Won Birthday Project – Fan Account ^^

  1. Heh!,,,,,,she actually remembered to “smell” him for the sake of “the rest of us”….*Hahahahahahhahahhaha*……*Ahem*….Well done! Girl!

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