Cutie Birthday Project


I can hide my excitement that as I write this, Joo Won might be tucking into the food we sent.

It has been over a month since we conceptualize the idea of “Feeding Cutie” on his birthday by sending food to him on film site. Needless to say, it was far from smooth sailing once we decided to put our plans to action. We were largely inhibited by our distance and inability to speak the language. These are the reasons why overseas fans find it difficult to organize such a project compared to sending things like rice wreaths.

Encountering one obstacle after another, all seems lost until a kind samaritan gave us a helping hand. From there, it was a heady rush to collect the funds, order the food, design and print the collaterals like banner, fanclub stickers for the food package and many more.

What we lacked in expertise, we tried to make up for it with determination and passion. We could not have done it without you, girls. We would like to thank all our contributors who donated to this project and made it possible. You girls ROCK! Many were apologetic, wishing they could contribute more. A few kept telling us that they can contribute more if we need additional funds. While quite a number had problems with Paypal, they never gave up trying and asking us for solutions. I would also like to put in a Special Mention of Kites – Joo Won Vietnamese Fanclub who contributed to our fund. Although we could not do a dual entity project this time round, they were game to just pour in their monies and joining Joo Won Cutie International Fans in this project. For that, I would like to thank @goldlotus and @nhatkhanh for coordinating on Kites side. On the behalf of the organizing committee and fanclub, I will like to thank you all for your generosity. Your contribution is not measured by the amount of dollars but by the largeness of your heart.

This project would not have been possible if not for the hard work and sacrifice of a few people.

@mjwonnie and @manyearsago who were responsible for the collection of monies and preparing the reports. Despite facing a very challenging period in their respective real lives, both poured whatever time they could to do the mundane but very important aspects of the project. They were also instrumental in brainstorming and coming up with ideas and solutions.

@daydreamsindecember wrote one of the most beautiful letter – “27 Wishes for Joo Won” I have ever read. I remembered patting myself on my back for having chose the right person for the job when I read it.

Many of our correspondence with Korean parties will not be possible if not for the super fast and most awesome Korean-English translator, @chrissy96. @meinitafitriana sari also stepped forth and helped us with some of the translation work.

I am not sure if many noticed. @coolreborn and I have not been spazzing as much on the soompi thread. Although Real Life Monster was often the culprit, much of our spare time was poured into organizing this project. I know my designing skills are lacking but I wanted something unique for our banner. Instead of pasting Joo Won or Good Doctor pictures on a banner, I decided that the theme of the banner will be “Love From Around The World” This is a continuation from our previous project and by using the same picture as the poster, I hope that Cutie will put the two together and recognize us. I have no software or skills in design or photoshop, I drew freehand on paper or software and color the best I could. I hope Cutie and you will look past the raw look of the banner and appreciate the message it conveys instead. coolreborn had to help me clean the lines until her fingers tremble. If you scrutinize, you might spot some errors. coolreborn and I hope you will laugh and take them in good cheer.

@coolreborn was the Wonder Woman who finalized the raw prints for the stickers and banner before sending them for print. She then single-handedly selected the materials for the letters and table messages before printing them at home. In doing this together, we had many heart-stopping as well as hilarious moments. We will share our Behind the Scenes escapades at a later stage.

Last but not least, our Samaritan, jwthfc without whom, none of this would have been possible. She is the coordinator for the food project from Joo Won Thailand Fanclub. She kindly extended her help because she is also a Joo Won soompi fan. Her vision is very much like ours – to spread love for Joo Won around the world. Even though she stays in Korea, this project is no easy task for her. Working with her over these past weeks, we are astounded by how much she is willing to put into making this mission possible. In order to make our project possible, we decided to organize it jointly with Joo Won Thailand Fanclub in terms of timing. However, funds are segregated and food are separately identified by stickers. You will see the 2 fanclubs names on the banner and table messages.

I will bring you more updates, pictures and of course, the financial reporting after this event is over.

Now let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

The Banner


Our Cake for Cutie!


Our Food – Spicy Chicken(box in the middle) and Coffee


photo credit: Joo Won Thailand Fanclub

Our chicken in the orange box and coffee


photo credit : JW DC

Table Messages



Our letter to Cutie for his 27th Birthday


and this is Cutie’s Thank You Message to us ^^


photo credit: Joo Won Thailand Fanclub

Here’s the message translated by meinitafritriana

To : 주원 큐티 인터내셔널 팬클럽 : Joo won cutie International fan club

행복하새요 : always be happy
감사함니다 : Thank u very much
굿닥터 : Good Doctor
주원 : Joo won

5 thoughts on “Cutie Birthday Project

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  2. Wow! You guys are awesome!!! I always wanted JooWon to know how much he is love from his international fans. I will keep up with your site and support on next project!!!

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