Cutie Birthday Project – Important Announcement

Yes, my Cuties, we are going to feed our Cutie at last! We are arranging to send food to Joo Won at the <Good Doctor> film site for his birthday. Presently, we are looking at sending his favorite Americano coffee and a snack to 120 people on that day. The cost of the food plus miscellaneous charges will add up to an approximate USD1,500. More details will be published here when we confirm the amount we are able to collect to make this possible. A number of you have already step forward to offer your financial support. We thank you so much girls for your contributions to our first JooWon Cutie International Fan Club (JWCFC) project. There is no fixed amount to donate for this project. We are aware that some may not be able to contribute much so we hope that those who can afford to, please contribute more. At the moment, we have 4 people looking after the project and their roles are Admin 1 – making announcements and coordinating with SIM and people assisting with the projects Admin 2 – making announcements, artwork coordination, printing and IT stuffs on this website Admin 3 – collecting payments from members to pay vendors supplying food and stuffs for Cuties projects Admin 4 – recording all paypal transactions and prepare reports for members After enquiring with Paypal, sending payments in currency Korean Won is not possible even we try to save money on currency exchange.   Please note payment sending to Joo Won Cuties Fan Club (JWCFC) paypal account must be made in USD. Since there is no free lunch in this world except the ones we send to our Cutie Joo Won, there will be some bank (PayPal) fees you (sender) have to pay when sending payment to JWCFC paypal account.  Fees deducted by Paypal at time of receiving payment from you at JWCFC paypal account will be incurred by JWCFC PayPal account. When you are sending the payment, please try your best to incur the bank fees by yourself.  Say if you have pledged to contribute US$100.  Please send full amount of US$100 to JWCFC PayPal account but actually you will be paying US$100 plus the bank fees charged by paypal and/or your bank (bank account or credit card) For PayPal fees, please visit below or visit PayPal website of your country IMPORTANT If you are willing to donate, please send your details  to and we will send you the paypal account where you will send your contributions. After you have sent payment to JWCFC PayPal account, please email us at  details of your

  • soompi ID or name if not soompier
  • total amount sent (exc the bank fee you paid)
  • sender’s email address
  • date and time of your transaction

Once payment is received, we will be verifying details and updating our records. If your country is banned from using PayPal, you have to contact us via email. Once the project is finished, we will report how much we have raised and spent on project plus any bank fees incurred when receiving from you and making payments to suppliers.  Your PayPal Transaction Ref is important to us because we will not disclose any ID/names in the report, only PayPal Transaction Ref and amount will be reflected in the report and you will find your portion of support. Security tips for PayPay Users:  

  • Before doing any PayPal transactions, please ensure firewall and anti-virus softwares of your IT equipment are up to date.
  • Do not use a public computer at internet café to do your PayPal transactions
  • Do not leave your IT equipment while doing PayPal transactions.  If you have to, please log-off the account and log on again.
  • Remember to log off the account after doing PayPal transactions.
  • Do not share your PayPal password with anyone. 

LATEST More Notes On PayPal from Admin 4 1) Please visit PayPal website of your country to create a PayPal account.  Account creation only takes a couple of minutes  by following the online instruction. 2) Linking bank account to PayPal account for payment may take a few days depending from country to country. 3) Linking credit card account to PayPal account takes a few hours (depending on where you are residing).  When linking a credit card to PayPal, PayPal will bill user’s credit card a verification fee (usually a couple of $ and again it differs from country to country) however the fee  will be credited back to user’s PayPal account after verification is finished.     4) How verification works, a verification code can be found in user’s credit card statement after PayPal has charged verification fee to user’s credit card.  Therefore, it is much easier for user to manage if she can access their credit card statement online.  Once user sees the verification fee billed to the credit card, she also sees PayPal 4-digit verification code in the transaction details (eg PP*1234CODE).  User logs on to PayPal, enters the 4-digit verification code as shown in their credit card statement to verify the linkage of her credit card to PayPal.  After verification,  user’s PayPal account is up and running. Payment can be made to JWCFC immediately.  If girls experience problems in PayPal account creation, they should ring up their local PayPal hotline for support.   PayPal has their local support team helping customers with all PayPal account queries. Admin 4 has rung PayPal twice enquiring account creation, verification process and sending payment.  Their service is good.  From account creation to payment made to JWCFC, it takes only a few hours.

9 thoughts on “Cutie Birthday Project – Important Announcement

  1. Hi girls! What a lovely place!
    I sent a letter to you, if you didn’t receive it, please, check out spam. The last time I wrote to you my letter was marked as spam for some reason…
    Thank you for everything.

  2. i will pray that everything will go well ^^ i’m already struggling with this paypal hehe but i will do my very best to find a way to make the donation succesful =D joo won cuties fighting!!

  3. Hi gals, I understand some of you have problems with paypal. For those residing in Singapore, paypal is restricted as a means of funds transfer. We will contact you for alternatives. If there is no restriction on using paypal, we strongly encourage you to use it for administrative purpose and also in terms of lesser fees incurred at your end. However, if you still face problems, please contact us at and we will look into it
    Thank you for your patience and understanding

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